Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pack, Peek and Plan 4

Ah~ Ah!

It sure a day where I can just stare blankly at the TV screen, playing Game, Peeking at Anime or Manga, but I do went out for some walk, and I am planning for a walking session for a day or two.

First time first, would be the Manga Festival that is going to happen in Singapore in a few days time, and I'm going down there for some peeking session.

More Info @DannyChoo@Manga Festival Site

If you want to see Danny Choo, or the Creator for Hatsune Miku, then head down there, if not to look for them and you want to look for me, then also head down there and find me.

I am all happy to have some chatting session as well, just that if you're not someone I know, then please introduce yourself and I will still be happy to have some chatting session.

So far, I had talk to a few individual person about stuffs I know especially when it come to Game, Manga, Anime or Light Novel. Sometime I do learn a few thing from the chatting session when someone introduce me to some new Series.

Whether or not I will grab some book will be a different issues, but I do know I did grabbed 2 of them today.

Also talk to one female on some Manga too while I'm at it. Knowledge are to be share around.

Another thing that add on to my room, or more like welcoming it back is the good old Wii. Sorry that I don't have a Wii U, but Wii is still to play with. I still got my Game Cube with me too.

Now that some events planned to go and with some peeking too, look like it will be something fun. As for now I need to peek at Anime and Manga for now, and maybe some gaming session with my Imouto too.
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