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Black Rock Shooter - Innocent Soul

ブラック★ロックシューター イノセントソウル
Burakku Rokku Shuutaa -Inosento Souru-
Black Rock Shooter - Innocent Soul

Creator - Huke
Plot / Art - Susuki Sanami

Series - Manga
Published in Young Ace, Kadokawa Shoten
3 Volumes [Completed]

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I back to talk about this story which I did talked about this one beforehand, but didn't did what I normal do for a normal Series, so let us take a peek at this Manga again.

This Manga is about how a Black Shooter, Rock, who go around collecting Stagnated Souls with her Partner and Weapons, Ron. He can also transform into Rock's scarf.

The plot took place in Hazama, a place between Heaven and Hell, and many souls are trapped in this place. Stagnated Souls are Souls who got a great regrets, or personal wishes who lives in the Hazama and to relive the moment before their death.

Problems is, not only are their souls corrupted to the point of having a true form of being a monster, they also trapped other innocent souls into their own world, which those souls just act as what the Stagnated Souls want.

Those Stagnated Souls can only stay in their own territory, but they have power over it, and able to change it to their taste. However, due to their dangerous personality and some reason, Black Shooters are to defeat and collect those Stagnated Souls back to their headquarters.

Once back, those souls are to be purified before sending them back to either Heaven or Souls. However, as the story went on, the plot and secrets are revealed; The Black Shooter themselves are also Souls themselves.

Some were collected and purified to be Black Shooters, but after the purification, it would seem that they lost their Memories, and emotions. But there is one exception for one Black Shooters; Dead.

Initially, what she did was to go around and collect those Stagnated Souls and to eat them, not to purify them. Yet she got her eye on Rock, due to the reason that she hold a powerful Regret.

Dead was trick by Ram to eat those souls so her wish can be fulfill. Well the Hazama can grant wishes, but the problem is resurrect is impossible and once dead, they are dead. The Reason why Dead got her reason. It was to inform her that she is dead.

It was seem that she got hit by a truck and die, but due to her love one, she hold a great wish to go back to the living and be with them.

Amazingly, she still have that memories, which is why she believed Ram and go around eating souls. Dead even wanted to eat Rock as she believed that strong souls hold the stronger regrets.

Rock did learned the hard truth about Black Shooter being initially human souls. And what more, is that Black Shooter themselves, or other normal souls, can turned into Stagnated Souls when their regret or depression went too high.

After knowing the truth, Dead did turned into Stagnated Souls, which Ram ordered Rock to defeat her. The whole reason which caused Dead to eat souls was Ram herself, and she got her eye on Rock which is why she did that.

Rock at first was emotionless, with no memories, but what changes her was due to many encounter with those stagnated souls, and she experiences the regret and sorrow of those Stagnated Souls. Even went as far as knowing what caused them to be Stagnated Souls in the first place. It seem that holding a powerful regret would hold greater power, which show that darkness in the heart / soul is the reason to their power. The most powerful stagnated souls was unable to be purified and only can be imprison and sealed off due to her greatest regret.

Rock not only want to regain her emotion and memories, but her own true self. Even Ron, who was advised by many other to change his partner, stick to Rock and believed in her.

Interestingly, he did take good care of Rock for the whole story, and more over is that he can transform to Rock scarf to her Cannon Shooter and Sword during combat.

Due to the plot twist a few rounds, I did find the story not bad, though it end with 3 Volumes, and I did grabbed 2 of them myself. Well, I did talked about this story 1 year ago.

AH, time sure past by so fast, and to think that I did a re-peek into this Manga again. If you're interested, just head over and take a peek. Just that the on line reader site have yet to show all the chapters.

So, do you want to work as a Black Shooters and collect those Stagnated Souls, or be the Stagnated Souls to relive your wish or desire in Black Rock Shooter - Innocent Soul ?
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