Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mada's Anime Goods Report 20 February 2013

Ever wonder why some stuffs that seen useless, not helpful in anyway, and yet there are some person out there wanting to grab it with their clean hands?

Just serving as Decoration can turn out to be a big help, and one of them is the Posters, so let take a few peek at posters, and some other anime goods.

There are some who hate plain thing, especially the wall, which seem to be normal and plain. However, placing just one poster will change the whole feeling and sight.

For normal person, placing just a few is enough, but for some other, one need to grab a lot and paste them to the whole wall. Well, I don't really cover the whole hiding spot of mine, but I do cover a few gap in between.

If we want a few simple one, then a wall scroll is enough.

Wall Scroll @Amiami
-Kirito & Asuna

Just grab a hook and hook those wall scroll up. Placing a few of them is good, but what make them different from a normal poster is that you can change those scroll whenever you felt like it.

So that is the reason why you'll need to grab a few of them. Even I got a few of them, which I will change them once in a while. It do give the feeling that your room have change a little each time you change them.

But if you want to fix them forever, then you will need to have a good material Poster.

Clear Poster @Amiami
-Hanasaku Iroha

What many are afraid is actually will those poster get a tear, hole, color faint or some other. Some just paste them and leave them be. But it would be best to take some little wet cloth to wipe those poster a while.

If you're using normal paper type poster, then best be careful when taking care of it.

Some who like those nice picture but don't want to hang them out, but to bring them out. Then consider a clear file.

Clear File @Amiami
-Little Busters

-Sakura-sou no Pet na Kanojo
-Sword Art Online A
-Sword Art Online B
-Sword Art Online C
-Sword Art Online D

The good thing about a clear file is that they help to guard your document, and the nice picture are nice to peek at, if you don't want to look at normal plain old file.

Those smiling nice face of those anime characters can sure cheer you up when you're feeling down.

Or you can consider straps, since they are very easy to bring about.

Cell Phone Strap and Cleaner @Amiami
(Sword Art Online)

Strap are very good to decorate your hand held electronic, plus they are use for your hand to grab hold of them in case you slip your hand and drop your hand held electronic.

Those straps sure know how to protect your stuffs. So need to thank them when you happen across it. But the straps are become decoration more, which some come with a cleaner to wipe your mobile screen, or lucky charm to push your luck.

I did even tie a strap to my keys once, so that I would not lose them that easily.

Cleaner Strap w/Charm @Amiami
(To-Love-Ru Darkness)

Some collect straps as collector, and some use them as decoration by pasting the whole packaging to wall etc. Even I did that.

Just thinking about it, those straps sure are useful.

Next is to decorate your Card a little bit.

IC Card Sticker Set @Amiami

Well, I haven't grab one myself, but if a normal card, with one side being total useless, then you consider paste the card with some sticker.

However if a normal Identity card where both side must be shown, then better don't. But those IC card stickers are best when you want to improve your plain old card.

Still those girls sure know how to improve your card image. Again, if the card is very important where both side must be shown, then don't paste anything on them.

All this talking (typing) sure made me thirsty again, so I will need to drink from a mug this time.

Mug - Mashiro Shiina @Amiami

Problem is, hope I don't get to taste any soap or shampoo from the mug, since the picture did show some on it.

Sure give my praise for even thinking of using this design. Well, I do want to grab it to have a try though.

As far as we Peeked, is there any Anime Goods which you want to grab, even if it seem not useful?
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