Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mada's Sunday Report - Chinese New Year (10 Feb 2013)

First, I wish all a Happy Lunar New Year, and I do hope it will be another great year start.

Considering the amount of things, events and happening, I do wish for even more interesting things.

The famous things around is always the last minute thing, like buying new year good, clothes, shoe and many more including furniture. Throwing away unwanted stuffs and cleaning the house is always part of the tradition of the spring cleaning before the lunar new year.

And on the day itself, eating together with family, and receiving some red packet as a bonus. Well, the one giving is going to cry actually.

I had a total of 3 days which I was unable to go online to blog, due to the spring cleaning, and my dad, imouto and I took a freaky 3 hours just to wash the Van, ensuring it sparkly clean and very white. It actually the first time we did the cleaning for the van personally as the previously was all went to car wash service.

Problem is, our hands were tired out and got bit of muscle cramp. I got some problem trying to lift thing up later on.

For the hiding spot, there were many changes in my house, expect for the position of the big furniture. First was the poster and dakimakura, without them, my room otaku level drop drastically.

As you can see, it pretty plain for a room, but they will be up at a later timing, just that it will depend on when am I lucky. It all due to Feng Shui, and I had no choice but to accept the Empress Order.

Another thing would be that my Hiding spot finally regain it light, and what I like about the new light is that it pretty bright too since it make use of LED lightning. Very energy saving, and at the same time brightening my room up.

Due to the brightness, my dad had considered on changing the whole house lightning. For my room which used to be very dark, having the new light sure change a lot from what I expected. It really as if it still daytime, and if I read some Manga or Light Novel, I think I might over read and fully no able to notice the change of night time to day time.

Cleaning up the house is another whole new level for my household, since there are many of my dad's goods store in the house. So what I can do is just to clean the floor, and pack some of the stuffs up.

I also help to pack the Hong Bao (Red Packet) but I not the one giving, my mum is. It's a tradition where Married couples are to give them out, but there are some where unmarried or divorced also give them up.

Since I single, so I not giving any. Well, the question should lie first with when will I get a girlfriend. It not like I can marry some Manga/Anime Characters.

Anyway, due to the many tasty bites for Lunar New Year, I can see myself gaining some weight, which I will need to lose them fast. Not good if I gain too much.

Before I forget, here are 3 posts which I was able to post;
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There are still many Anime that I need to watch, Manga and Light Novel to peek on, and Games to complete, so I think this 2 days I will be very focus on them, though I try to post some blogs first.

I did miss a few more blog post myself, and there are some interesting topic I even yet to post on. But what I can try is to post them back up as soon as I can. I wonder why I got tired so easily myself to the point that lying on bed will send me to Dreamland in a matter of seconds.

Well, I do need more rest to gain back the energy I lost, and I do need to take good care of my health. That would be all for now, while I go out of my hiding spot and having some fun and laughter with my family.

Again, I wish all a Happy Lunar New Years, Have a great and enjoyable year, wealth and health.

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