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Hataraku Maousama!

Hataraku Maō-sama!
Demon Lord at Work!

Creator - Satoshi Wagahara


Light Novel 
Drawn by Oniku
Published by ASCII Media Works
7 Volumes [Ongoing]

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Hataraku Maousama!
Drawn by Akio Hīragi
Published in Comic Dengeki Daioh, ASCII Media Works
2 Volumes [Ongoing]

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Hataraku Maousama! High School! 
Drawn by Kurone Mishima
Published in Dengeki Maoh, ASCII Media Works
1 Volumes [Ongoing]

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Directed by Naoto Hosoda
Written by Masahiro Yokotani
Studio - White Fox
To be Available in April 2013

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Story Plot started with Sadao Maō (Satan Jacob), who nearly conquer the world only to be defeated by the Hero, Emi Yusa (Emilia Justina).

Promising to return, Maou open a portal to Modern Tokyo to escape, only to realized that he had no skills to survive on the new environment.

Accompany is his trustworthy aide, Shirō Ashiya (Alsiel) and they had registered their name in the new world, rent a house and work to in order to survive.

They also noticed that they had no skills or magic, which they decided to search the origin of Magic in the world, in order to recover their power and take control of the new world.

But at the moment, they had to survive like normal person in Japan. Ashiya is a great cook who also help to manage the financial of the household. Maou on the other hand had to work part-time at a fast food restaurant.

Yet unknown to both of them, Emi had also travel though the portal in order to look for the devil king and kill him once and for all. And for both the Maou and Yusa fate, they just had to meet on a rainy day and having Maou passing Yusa his umbrella to her.

Their Second encounter did reveal Emi's identity and motive, but what shocked her at first was how Maou had shown kindness as a normal human being. After all, when Maou travel though the portal, he had lost his demon magic and same go for Yusa as she lost her holy power and sword.

Not they fully lost it, but just that they can only use very little power, which they will only use it on an emergency.

When Ashiya learnt of Emi appearance, he was shocked too. But what Emi learnt was that both Ashiya and Maou being broke. Interestingly, Maou had change his goal and admiration to be a full time fast food restaurant worker which surprised both Ashiya and Emi.

What amazed me is how both Maou and Emi are able to adapt to work in Tokyo, Maou being a part time work while Emi being a Telecom service provider.

Emi also on other hand able to live off normally, and Maou got a girl who having a crush on him; Chiho Sasaki.

While Emi is trying to get rid of Maou, she was mistaken for being Maou's girlfriend, which is the funny gag in the story. Later on they did have the feeling for each other. Made me remember another Maou and Yusa being in love with each other.

The story isn't where they live their slice of life or just Emi trying to kill Maou, but in fact, is when the three of them travel to Tokyo, someone behind the scenes decided to get rid of them and become the new ruler of their origin world.

And as much as she hated it, Emi had to work/help Maou in order to know who is the mastermind. Later on she even discover that the origin magic core is actually the heart of the people when Maou revert to his original form during one accident which trap them and many innocent people.

Despite being the Demon king, Maou had become kind where he used his demon power to save the trapped people, which surprise Emi as at first she didn't have the power to save herself or Chiho.

Knowing that the frequent strong earthquake is link to them, they did want to find the mastermind, as Maou wanted to know the origin of magic in the current world. But even as a demon king, Maou had went though a dramatic change, which is shown when he work at the Fast-food restaurant.

As for Emi, at first she want to kill Maou, but after revealing her past to him and watching Maou helping people and showing his kindness, Emi did change her view on Maou in someway.

But what amazed me is how Ashiya constantly stalking on Maou to know what he up to at time. For Chiho was got a crush on Maou, she try her best to get Maou's affection as she had seen Maou's kindness and not his demon form at first.

First impression sure got the way, since Emi always been mistaken for Maou's girlfriend due to her way of speech like using the word "their relationship" or "I'll kill you" to Maou. She did show her thanks to Maou for the time he saved him, even though at first she was reluctant to help him.

For the Spin-off "Hataraku Maousama! High School, instead of the scene where they are adult and working, they are in high school, and Maou aiming for the School Student Council President Seat.

Of course Emi is trying to stop, and interestingly, the bad guy which is the current students president, is also the very same person and mastermind in the original story.

What got me peeking in this series is the Manga first when the title amuse me and learning from the description where a demon king had to work. I must give my praise to the creator for a very interesting story plot and it isn't much Series where the Demon King and the Hero got a relation in the story.

Other one being the Series, Maoyuu Maou Yuusha. Under normal plot, both the demon king and hero are always the male type, but having a plot where both of them being the opposite gender and later to have a very interesting relationship did spice up the story too.

I haven't gone much into the Light Novel, I can't said much, but what I can say is that the Anime Series will be due in April, which I would greatly recommend for a little peek.

This Season we got one Maou and Yuusha relationship, so let continue that trend on the next Season. However, I really want to know what will happen next to the both of them. I can just go and take a peek at the Light Novel instead.

For a ruler who can destroy anything, I find it funny when Maou reveal that he didn't had the time to take notice what he destroyed when he was still the demon king and only to later apologized to Emi.

He had become what I would said; a great service provider. I wonder if the Creator wanted both the Maou and Yuusha to be Service Provider in the first place. If so, that one more praise from me, since it a nice twist where both didn't start with something great at first.

I also find Maou's new goal to be greatly amusing and interesting, which is why I decided to peek into this series.

As far as I peeked, do you also want to work along side to the Maou and Yuusha in Hataraku Maousama! ?

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