Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Helping with my Imouto's blog

In case you're wondering how cute is my Imouto, I think you can stop wondering and head to her blog to take a little peek.

She been ask to showcase her works, and she did ask me to start up on her blog some time before she even was ask.

Fixing IKEA furniture in the house

Are you the handyman or handywoman in the house?

Well, it used to be my parents, until it passed down to me. The things is, I become the handyman in my house when I start going to IKEA to get some stuffs, and I learned to fix those furniture personally.

Of course there manual to guide me, but I just like fixing them up from the start, and so, when my family go for some walking and peeking session in IKEA, I had to fix those stuffs up.