Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Helping with my Imouto's blog

In case you're wondering how cute is my Imouto, I think you can stop wondering and head to her blog to take a little peek.

She been ask to showcase her works, and she did ask me to start up on her blog some time before she even was ask.

But then she didn't have much works to showcase, nor are they in any good shape to start with.

Just recently, she had proved to me that she can do them well, and I really amazed at how much she improved over her course of learning in 3D modelling. Way better than I can, which just mean that if I need a sample 3d model, I can draw the template out and ask her for help.

Either way, she just started out the blog, and I'm helping her to guide her along. More of her works will slowly be present, and Peekers who like to know about her slow and steady works, can go and peek them.

Feel free to comment on them, but like this blog, we only accept those with Google accounts to comment, we do need to know who you are.

Don't forget to credit her should you want to use her snapshot. From what I peeked, she really done a great job for her piece of works.

As for her blog, simple now, but will slowly improve as time past by.

Her site: Winnie 3-D Port-Folio
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