Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yumeikui Merry

夢喰いメリー (Yumekui Merī) 
(Alt Name: Dream Eater Merry)
Author: Ushiki Yoshitaka
Published - Manga Time Kirara Forward, Houbunsha

Manga - Oncoming [Latest Chapter 44]
Anime - Episode 1 - 13

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Do you have dream everyday? Is it nice and sweet or a scary and bad nightmare? Well.. Have no fear, for Dream Eater Merry is here!!

The story heroine, Merry Nightmare, who do not have any memory, expect her name and a longing to go back to where she come from. She is a Dream Demon from the Dream World, but however found herself in the Human World, which other Dream Demons call it, Reality. She go around searching other Dream Demon, in hoping to find a way to go back to where she come from.

Yumeiji Fujiwara, gained the ability perceive other people and predict their dream 10 year ago. He encounter Merry, and wanted to help her.  However, as the story started, he had a 'Nightmare'. And soon, he realized he is dragged into a battle, which he wanted to help Merry no matter what.

Well, the story plot go by, when a person has a Nightmare, it mean that a Dream Demon had entered the Human World, but unlike Merry, they do not have a form in Reality, so they have to take over a person as vessel in order to survive. And once they taken over, some will go around killing other Dream Demon, making their vessel 'Dream loss', which mean that person will lose all dream and hope, and become unmotivated in life.


I have to admit on one thing, i only started reading this story about September last year, when I walk pass and took notice of it at Kinokuniya. What attracted me was the first three cover at that time was all the same character, in the same clothing but different colors.

Sadly, I only follow such a good Manga after it Anime was aired finish at that time, and I DIDN'T know.. that the bad thing about not having a computer when you need one, you can't really go and search more Manga or Anime without it, since the only way is wait for it Manga book series to be released out in the Comic stores.

And yet.. I only finished watching the whole Anime episode yesterday night. But if you did read the manga first, you will take note that the manga and the anime took different plot of story, expect for the first 3 chapters.

It advisable to read the manga too, if you had watch the Anime beforehand, because the story is more interesting in the Manga than in the Anime. Don't think just because of "Anime got voice, sound and movement",  At least try to read it, and go though it and you will understand the wonder of Manga before Anime too.

Not that i want to say it this way, but if you really are into Anime, if there is a Manga on it, before the anime is air, it is recommend to read it, so you can have a better understanding, not just the story, but also the different "version" of the plot in the story.

Because, if there are no Manga, Anime wouldn't be much fun, since there will not be any interesting story to come up with. Because for Anime, most of the series show, are from Manga, and also Light Novel, like the in the case of Shakugan no Shana and Kampfer.

I also not stopping you if you wish not to read the manga, but I would push and recommend you to do so instead.

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