Sunday, April 22, 2012

Japanese Supermarket @ Singapore

Singapore Meidi-Ya Supermarket
Place @ Liang Court Shopping Centre,
Basement 1

Nearest MRT - Clarke Quay/City Hall
(Plus some walking distance)

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There are, of course, many Japanese store/shop around in Singapore, and there are indeed some Japanese stuffs at the mass branch outlets supermarket like FairPrice or Cold Storage. But if I was to point out the different those supermarket to Meidi-Ya, then be ready to take some peeking down here as I point them out!

First Stop of all thing different, there is a television here showcasing some Anime to let parents who have some active kids to really sit down and watch quietly.

This actually come as a shock to me as many of the kids really really sit down and behave themselves, so their parents/guardians can do their shopping with a peace of minds.

Good thing to include in a supermarket, as the common sight is where kids pestering their doting parents to buy snack for them.

Well, there are some 'worst' scenario, but still, as kids like to enjoy themselves, this TV down here is the main thing to shoot down what other supermarket do not have.

But even so, don't be shocked if you see some adult who sit down and watch; I watched for around 5 mins myself since they are showing Doremon at the point when I took that photo.

To those who cook, especially Japanese cuisine, this place is your paradise.

And really, to think my sister didn't know where this place is.

I got most of my seasoning, and some food down here myself, and I can, I would like to buy some fresh frozen food myself, but I staying far from here.

So I will have to wait until I go there by car myself. Taxi is getting scary expensive down here in Singapore. My Black Rock Shooter will really kill me if I take a taxi.

But no worry for me as long as the food I bought include instant noodle, and if you are craving for some delicious instant Japanese noodle, then you should take a walking session down here and grab them up.

Of course, don't be surprise when you saw some stuffs here could be found on other normal supermarket, this place is also a supermarket after all.

But the different between this place is that you don't to find this much Japanese stuffs.

You can also find some Japanese food like fruit, fish, crabs, meat, and many more. And what more? ICE CREAM TOO!!

Most which you can't find on other supermarket.

Well, my sister is looking for the cream to add to her tea, so I was grabbing that at the same time.

I intended to bring her here myself, and my mother even heard of Liang Court too, but it seem like I need to get my driving license so I can plan a driving session in the future.

Of course there are even sushi down there, so you can go and grab some if you like.

And if you are interested, there are some sampling down here which very common, and I got a few bite myself, but in the end I bought a few myself since I really like the delicious taste myself.

Don't worry about taking your own time well doing some shopping.

Just right after the check-out counter, there are some restaurant for you to grab some bite.

I was craving for some curry, so I decided to order the Chicken Katsu Curry, but this turn out to be a shock; I get to add in any amount of curry and the taste is very delicious.

I chose to pour all the curry in the end since it was very good, and to even think that the chicken katsu was nicely done. The mineral water was a free add-on.

There are other different shop like Crepe and Udon, which all are under Meidi-Ya; another point of different from the other supermarket. So basically the basement 1 are mostly Meidi-Ya.

There is one section of the place that is concentrated on Alcohol, and as much as I do like, but sadly can't grab; Sake.

It been very long since I last had a Sake, but my Black Rock shooter Wallet will kill me after she peek at the price. I did buy some stuffs at Meidi-Ya.

Well, of course there are some other Japanese Superemarket in Singapore, but what make this another different is that on their homepage, they allow on-line order and deliver them to your house, so you wouldn't need to go all way down here if you are not free.

But, if you got some spare time, would you like a walking session down to Singapore Meidi-Ya Supermarket?

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