Monday, April 30, 2012

Planning in advance

Currently, I on the planning board for this Month May, and another walking trip to Orchard Road with my sister and her friends tomorrow.

There are a few things that I put up, and there are some blank to be fill in later.

This week, as Japan are celebrating their Golden Week, Singapore also get to enjoy 2 Holiday this week too; Labour Day on 1st May and Vesak Day on 5th May.

And as you peek on my boardy, I having a few driving lessons planned around.

Of course not lying around at house, since I still need to exercise a lot more than usual, to lose more weight.

But even so, I do want to follow Xiong Mao lying around on the nice cool grass-looking carpet and doing nothing too.

For now, I need to pass my driving test first before deciding on more stuffs, which I hope to finish by this month.

And a few things to plan too.

This time, I will be having a few more walking session, and to get some stuffs, or mostly just peeking around.

Also, Around 1 Month more to AFA Malaysia, and it seem like there are a few information leaking around, but let peek on some site; @Danny Choo | @AFA Malaysia Site

I do want to take a walking session around at that place, and peeking around, but it will have to wait for a little while until I see how thing go.

So, have anyone been planning in advance their schedule now?
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