Monday, April 23, 2012

Some figurine to wish on

Went peeking over some figurine Amiami webpage, and it seem like Charles from Infinite Stratos is on stock.

If you wanna grab her with your clean hand, you might want to go over to the site @Amiami 

Didn't took notice of this one where Charles is wearing her jersey, but what I do noticed is that there are more Charles figurine than other.

Those who watch the anime would know that Charles was the only girls who seems the closer to the main character next to Houki.

A girl who sleep next to Ichika (in a separate bed), went to a (very big) hot bath together, and hug a bit there.

Well, Ichika become enemy of many due to his dense knowledge on how the girls give hints of affection in many ways.

But the 5 main heroine from Infinite Stratos are up on the pre-order list which are due for on late May.
All of the girl make up a good complete set.

AmiAmi English site
@Charles | @Cecilia
@Rin | @Laura

But after viewing the Infinite Stratos, Alisa of Soul Eaters took the hot spot on the Amiami site.

She on the pre-order list due to July this year, and I do like the way of her details set up on.

But I don't want to be slash by her big red swords, which seems very details down here.

What can I say? She seem seriously ready to be standing in anyone room (@Amiami)
Although I know that there are many who like a good o' bedsheet where you lie on top of the character you want, the norm which I see around are mostly girls character.

I knew there are male characters, but this come out a shock for me still.

The two characters of Ao no Exorcist; Rin and Yukio are ready to lie in the same bed as anyone who pre-order them.

Those Good Night Sheet are what most who want to have on their bed in order to sleep well and a good peace of mind knowing they exorcist is there to help.

AmiAmi @Rin | @Yukio 

Oh well, I can't stop looking around for more Anime item myself.
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