Friday, April 6, 2012

Asuka and Rei Swimsuit

Showcasing in my room now will be Asuka and Rei!

While, I did promised to take a few photo of my figurine, I will be taking photo of them slowly for now.

Gotten my clean hand on this very long ago, and I forgotten when I got this.

I need to ask Saber to lend me her Excalibur to open up the box as my nails are long but blunt.

 I can't seem to find where the hidden (Swiss) knife which I use to open up boxes, seem like I need to do another checking session in my room again.

There are a total of 2 Sets; A on the left and B on the right.

But despite that, I going to only open up Set A only, since I prefer Blue and Red more.

I would like to open up all of them, but I need to consider the space I got in my room.

They will currently reside next to my bed, together with Kallen and C.C, and hopefully I don't get a wet dream.

What I would like is a day in the beach with them though.
I would like to practice volley ball with Asuka since I very lousy in it, though I settle to just sit down and watch other people play instead.

Anyone up for volleyball with her instead?
It been rainy for a few days in Singapore, but not at the beach!

From the look of the pose made by the figurine, it seem like the Sun and Flash are too bright for her, and she need some sun screen on her!

Set B will be place at somewhere I can still see them  just in the case you will be wondering.
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