Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Planning for next week

My dinner which I brave the shower to get
Today a fine day for me, although I had to take a walk in the rain without an umbrella in order to go get my dinner.

Good thing is I making a good process in my driving, and to top it up, I met one of my friends who used to be in the same army camp as me.

I received a tip off from one of my friends regarding on some books, and now that I noted, I haven't gone for a walking session around for a week, since I been going around to do my own stuffs etc.

Currently planning things to do next week, and checking on some more info for my next few post too.

I been putting too much long post for a while, so I will be breaking a few thing around and maybe 2 short post per days.

My Enemy - Duct
But it ultimately still depend on how I type thing out though.

As for now, although the driving lessons are all booked and ready to go, I need to put 2 more (and maybe more) sessions next week.

They will be a walking session and a cleaning session.

I almost faint when I see the ducts just under my bed, and I had to rush to get my vacuum cleaner to suck them all away.

I also need to enjoy my dinner by eating it slowly, although it no where near the tasty Taiwanese food which Danny bite on. (@Danny Choo)

Since I probably taking a walk on orchard or city hall, I should be looking for some bite down there too.

As for now, maybe a gaming session for relaxing.
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