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Undertaking the Riddle

Sougiya Riddle

Alt Name:
Undertaker Riddle

Author - Akai Higasa
Published in Gangan Online, Square Enix

Manga - Chapter 1 - 31[Oncoming]
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Having Spirit or Ghost stalking you? Evil Spirit on the run? Ask Riddle the Undertaker to help to guide the dead to the afterlife.

The story kick off with the cute boy Hayato Sakura, a 17 years old high school student who don't not look any older than anyone.

What make him special is not just his cute personality or look, but is how he is able to see, hear and speak to ghost spirit who are attracted to him.

Having many female ghost stalking him is enough to drive him crazy, but what he wished was that someone would help him from the ghosts.

On his Seventeenth Birthday, when he was about to be crush by the large amount of ghost stalking him, he was saved by someone by the name; Riddle, an Undertaker.

In exchange for helping him removing the ghosts, Hayato agree to do anything for the help, and real motive was that he wouldn't be stalk by any other ghost again.

Initially, due to his way of saying stuffs, Riddle was quick to be brand as werido by Hayato, who rejected his offer to be an undertaker.

An undertaker jobs is to guide the spirits lingering on the human world, to set an Funeral to sent off Evil Spirit so they can be judge in the afterlife.

All Spirits are judge before they can sent to Heaven or Hell.

Riddle, who reminded me of Xerxes Break of Pandora Hearts (@wikia), let Hayato off with a warning that Hayato will regret his decision and will go back to Riddle for help.

Of course, this come sooner than later for Hayato who meet his first Evil Spirit who took and eat half of his souls.

Evil Spirit are spirit who eat other people souls to strengthen their powers, but they can be weaken with a touch of an undertaker.

Of course the weak spot is the chest area. (^w^ )

By doing so, the other souls that were eaten up will be sent off to the afterlife too.

As mentioned earlier, an Undertaker's job is to sent off the Evil spirit too, so the frequent saying by Riddle and/or any other Undertakers would be "I'll sing the Funeral March that's right for you." and "My Condolences".

I would say that it should be a habit for them to say that, but I didn't know I actually get addict to thinking it on my mind instead.

Overall for this Manga, I'd find this interesting in way on how the way thing are gone, not just that way of the plot is going.

I like how the author draw out on each characters, which one can say pretty even to the male characters, and what make me laugh on some point of the story is actually how you can see the author can lend "Boy-love" on the story.

Although you don't see romance down here, but you'll see them blushing a lot more than you think, and there are time when I can mistake the Hayato to be a cute girl too. (*x* ;;)

The funny reason why the story continue with an Arc so fast was that the half soul of Hayato which was eaten by the first evil spirit was gone.

And what more? Hayato got the power which can be the next king of the afterlife.

Of course Faust, the king of the Catacomb, is not going to just sit around and do nothing, since she also required the help of Hayato's power; the Twilight Key.

This power can do "Creation" and "Destruction", and it is a must to maintain the Catacomb, otherwise the balance in the human world will be in disarray.

And talk about a Woman being a King instead of Queen is bit of surprise, despite Saber of Fate series is a female king in the story too.

Despite the author way of almost making this a "Boy-love" Manga, don't worry about any nude down here, since it more on story with humor, and some part with twisted point.

As I mentioned that Riddle remind me of Break, what made me say that is that their personality and way of doing is almost the same; guiding the character by their nose, a tragic past and their pretty (acting) face too.

Maybe I like the art in Pandora Hearts, that why i find some part about the same in this Manga, but do note one thing, it's by different author despite under the same company.

Of course, there are many other parts in the manga that the drawing is different, but even so, I really like how the story can go, and you can predict how the story go easily, but you'll get a bit of surprised when there are some twist on some end.

Which is why I say this Manga got it twisted plot..

After knowing how this story start about, are you ready to undertake the will to take a peek into the world of Undertaker Riddle?
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