Monday, April 9, 2012

A small walking trip

Today go to Clementi Mall with my friend for a little walk, and somehow, I fallen to my tempt and got my clean hand on this game.

Well, I was hoping to get a cheaper/2nd hand, so it Okay for me since I gotten this at GameWerks.

However, this game will not be touch for a while as I will need to complete on other game instead.

There is a Free soundtrack inside, I immediately put the CD into my player once I reach home, but I get a hair stand on some of the songs; they're too cute.

Well, Ar Tonelico Qogo is a RPG which mainly sold due to their great story and the girl voice on some.

There some guidance needed for this game, but not for me, so I can just touch the casing.

However, as much as I wanted to play most of my games, and read manga, I actually watching anime at the Toilet for the moment, as the sick curse had been bestowed to me, and I starting not to feel very well when I'm typing this post.

No worry!! I just need to visit Mr Docter and pop on some health pot to replenish myself, and maybe listening to some Japanese songs which should help.

Well, before going for a rest, here something which was share from my friend, hope you enjoy it.

Which side will you choose?
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