Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mada's Sunday Report 22/04/12

Today so happened to be Earth Day (@Wiki), so I will be closing my computer early today and read my Manga for a change.

I do need to sleep in early too since I got my driving lessons set up on the morning tomorrow.

From Monday to Friday in the morning, but let peek into what I been running about for this  week.

First on the schedule, Anime and Manga.

I did post on 2 Anime and 1 Manga, but let take a peek into 2 Anime which took flight just recently; Eureka Seven AO: Anime and Shining Hearts.

Both did one thing in common, and it is the starting which is not based on what it was given.

Of course it a very good job well done, throwing me off when I was expected them to following the plot of the Manga or Game which they initially started off in the first place.

That Anime for ya, following the plot of the original, but  surprise with some twist (a bit) when you less expected.

There are still many other anime catching my eye, but for this week, I would like to peek into this 2 Anime for now.

But let not forget another Manga which I also peek into; Undertaker Riddle.

I'd like how the author draw some details and at the same time having a story that twisted on some point, but overall, a good manga to peek into.

There is a drama CD for this too, but I do hope that this Manga get into a short anime, with another manga like D-Frag.

Anime do not come easy, so support is needed by buying the Manga when it out on store; I do like Manga, but Anime is not excused.

I did some a walking session around Clarke Quay, and did some shopping over at Meidi-Yi Supermarket, over at Liang Court.

Well, currently I am planning my schedule for next week, since I want to have some walking session around and about.

And I can at least watch Culture Japan Season 2, (@Danny Choo) while I on the public transport too.

It is one way to kill time faster at the same time, and talking about timing, It about time for me to close my computer, and maybe a midnight snack with my sister tonight after a gaming session. (^w^ )

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