Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mada's Sunday Report 29/04/2012

Due to planning some activities with some travelling time around, I find it a bit tired to due to weather since it been very hot and sometimes rainy in Singapore.

There are some planned walking session, to look for some good umbrella, and hopefully Itagasa.

If there is one more of me, I would like to go to some other place with some other friends this week, but I go by first planned schedule.

Of course yesterday I was with my family whole day, but today I took some nap nap.

But let go into some of the stuff for this week first.

There are some many figurines to wish on, and want to grab them with my clean hands, but of course black rock shooter wallet will hit me very very hard if I try to.

Still, no worry as most of the stuff I put around are on pre-order, and less are on stock.

Still, I will peek around on Singapore when I got the time to go peeking around.

I do take a few walking session around than staying at home, but I still got some light novel and manga to finish up.

 But even so, there are still game to finish, and new game to follow up, but despite so, there are some good game which I don't dare to fully follow since it will give me a a heart.

But this super overly-powered game: Mugen-Souls can still die me right off due to it imbalance cuteness.

There is another manga with a few chapters for me to finish in a breeze while.

If Lady Luck was smilling at me, then I think some would like God of Misfortune to stick to them.

I wondered if Yasuke of Maga-Tsuki is any ways misfortune as Touma.

Well, I still think it a blessing that everyone get to enjoy breakfast.

I did went for a few walking session around, such as breezing though Orchard Road, to go around peeking first.

But in the end, I still get some stuff with my clean hands, but the clothes which I bought are for my dad, since it hard to find the kind of clothes for him anyway.

He wouldn't wear any other type unless he see fit, so whenever I see a good one, with good materials and good price, I will grab it.

Despite so, I did grab some bites and some book around at Orchard Road, which I wondered why black rock shooter wallet let me go, but different when it come to figurine and game though.
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