Sunday, April 1, 2012

First Day of April

I did promised that I will be doing more post, but it seem like I did not realized how dark my room become when my mum call me for dinner.

But I gotten used to be in the dark room even in the daylight; my curtain is always close.

As today is first day of April, I wish all a Happy April Fool Day, but to be on the off topic, there are many thing that happened on 1st April (@Wiki).

First of April start and mark in Japan, the start of a new term; First Day of School.

While, it's Sunday today, so they will starting tomorrow instead, which mean today a fooling day!

First April, however mark another day for Singapore; It become a British crown colony in 1867.

Let forget History for now, I bad in it anyway. But I just wondering how many of you celebrate on the 1st of April?【・ヘ・?】

Don't get me wrong if I saying April Fool only, as 1st April can mark someone birthday too, or even anniversary, but today I just staying inside my Dark Den, so be surprised that there are eye staring at you suddenly. ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━

But for this blog, this mark something big instead; 
Reaching around 2000 page view for last month!

I don't get many reader other than my friends, but still. My Thank to those who my read my blog, and those who follow it. (TwT ;;)

I would need to learn more Japanese myself, as one of my dreams is to bring my family to Japan to take some peek at the Cherry Blossom there.(●´∀`●)

Don't you like Sakura?

I sure do, but it seem like I'll need to settle for Sakura Green Tea and some Japanese Cheesecake instead.. ( ̄ω ̄;)

No worry on the mess I make over at my home, but It seem like I dig up a few something interesting, so I will be taking a few photo shot tomorrow.

Also, if you notice that I did a few photo shot of my figurine, it about time I going to take on another one. Today I was doing some cleaning, and clearing one hole in my bookshelf for my sister Manga. The dirt in my room never seem to take a break from working...

But what I will hint on the stuffs will be something I mentioned sometime ago (@NagaKun). As it night time over here now, so I will be retiring for today. 
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