Thursday, March 15, 2012

Head Bite

Another new hair band just landed on my clean hands.

However this time it come with Fangs around the edges and now that I think about it, I think I understand how Toma Kamijo felt from all the bite he got from Index. (*o*;;)

Although as I mentioned in my previous posts, once you get use to it, you won't remember wearing one.

Though pressing it down from the top will refresh your memory, and make you awake at the same time.

I won't say that the Fangs on my new hairband is any way near Index's Fang of Fury though.

Not that my hairband is broken or anything, but advised from my mum, my sister go and get a "thinner" hairband, despite just wearing it at home...

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I'lll take a photo wearing my hachimaki Hairband, once I got it back from the Earl (*w* ;;)

Anyway, it seems that lack of sleep is starting to catch up to me; feeling tired easily. Since I been forgetting the time once I start the quest of Gaming, not to mention that I got a few games to complete, but as I say before, it good to have more, so you won't get bored easily, but do occasionally go out for some looky and peeky around.

Denpa Kyoushi 17
Sub by S2Scans

Getting excited to some shops that got stuffs that will make you eye sparkle, you will end up like Kagami.

I will admit that, as told by my friends, when I got to Kinokuniya, or any Anime Figurine shop at Funan IT Mall.

Reality Check is, sadly, pain to my BRS wallet, let alone burning it.

It take me 5 years or so, to make my room up to the current standard. @Looking back into my Room

Taking a peek into the current chapter 17, it always seem that Kagami get himself in funny situation, and this time, it look like one of his students in class who skipped class, is actually a famous Mangaka, which manga he loves to the point of pointing a literature.

Another way to tell other people if you are reading Ero Manga, Anime or Games; THEY ARE ARTS~!

Technically, they are drawings too, if you get what I looking towards, I will show out more other type of Manga or Novels.

With so much MAG that is resting on my clean hands, It really seems being NEET is really the best, though you will need the money first to do so.
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