Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tales of Graces F

テイルズ オブ グレイセス エフ 
(Teiruzu obu Gureisesu Efu)

Alt Name:
Tales of Graces ƒ 
ƒ  - Future 

Developer - Namco Tales Studio
Published by Namco Bandai
Artist - Mutsumi Inomata

Game - PS3, Role-playing

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Home Page @Japanese | @English

Too all the Tales Series Fan out there!
Tales of Graces F is out to be taken by your clean hand~

I'd waste no time to get this with a friend of mine today, although I had to wait for one whole day for this Little tales to be told in Singapore.

What make this different from it Original first series is additional story part and an epilogue after the end of the story.

If you had some friends come over, you will sure they will enjoying the co-op part in this game.
My salute to the artist due to the overwhelming artist which you will want to open it up once you got your clean hand on it.

Considering the game play, you either choose auto, semi-auto or manually control the character during battle.

What I can give credit to it is due to it interesting game story, plus to it nice fantasy picture on it.

Back ground music is also very soothingly, which make one relax to play the game.

I am a fan of Tales Series, but never did I expect the story started out with children first. Don't Worry as they will grow up sooner later on the story.

Previously Wii control is to shake in order to use the Artes, but this will be different a bit as one have to press a button with left direction pads.

What one can expect is that due to the cuteness and good "cartoon" game play with anime or 3-D cutscene.
But same as all tales, you will be having only one camera point of view though, but what make it interesting is that the story never fail to make joke in between the game. (^w^ )

Another thing to take note is that there seem to have a little change in the monster in the game, and what make me a little amazing, a boy is using 2 tree sticks as weapon! But please don't go around pick one stick and whack anyone with it, it advisable, so don't try this at or outside of home. (*A* ;;)

If you are interested to start this game out, you can go to the nearest game store and grab this. If not, check with your friends who got this and play with them in the multi-players co-op. (*w^ ) 
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