Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sprinkling water Maid!?

Danny Choo

Wasn't aware of such event in Japan where people spray or sprinkle water to the surrounding to cool down the temperature during Summer and to prevent the dirt/duct from bay. (*o* ;;)

Amazing that there are many Maids around in Japan to the point that you will either get too excited or overly heart pressure (*x*;;)

Amazing that Danny Choo is able to show case how many different maids you can take a look, so you might want to take a peek in his web for more photo.

Maid over Akibahara don't really just wear maid costume as cosplay only.

Been to a few Maid Cafe myself, and I enjoyed some normal chat with the girls, just to waste my time.

Not sure how I get myself into a Maid Cafe before, but you'll wonder how I get to drink some coffee and trying to understand how the girls talking in Japanese when I was over at Akibahara.

But the most shocking and maybe a little pissed, was that I chatting with them in English, and before I knew it, I waste 2 hrs and forgot that I was at Japan that time.

Though, I happy that I get to chat with "Moe Moe" girl XD.

In Singapore, There one Maid Cafe over at the 5th Floor over Funan IT Mall and another AKB 48 Cafe at Scape.

Not sure on some more other, but if you are over in Singapore, and wanna go to a maid cafe, you can just head over the 2 places to drink some Coffe, Tea, Milk or Maid! (*w* ;;)

But do note one thing, we don't sprinkle water over here in Singapore though. (>w< *)
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