Monday, March 5, 2012

What Extend would you go for Anime?

Anime Tattoo - Danny Choo
[Link to Danny Choo]

Seem like there are good tattoo artists out there to do good character design on your body, if you want.

Although I got many favor characters, but since my skins is not in good condition, I doubt I will be doing that to my body. (*v* ;;)

But considering that there are many people out there going to that extend to put anime tattoo on their body, what I'll do when I see them, is take a photo with them.

Well, if you asking me where I would like to put one on, I would prefer the hand, since it'll be more obvious to show to other, but there are other who dare to put on other part of their body though.

Well, it all depend on their personal preference (*w* )

Life Sized (1:1 Scale) Hasune Miku Figure
Display at New Chitose Airport
[Link to]

Taking a little peek into the New Chitose Airport, it seem like that Miku-san is there to welcome many people, but what I would have done (if I'm rich) is going there and say "Please take my money and put that in my room!!"

Well, previously I did sell clothes, so there are 'model' which I use to put on design to show case the clothes, of  course there are people who sell those figure model, but money wise would depend on how much you would give.

Thinking about it, there the clothes and wigs that you also need to get along with the model before you can put it in your room, or to show case it to other.

But even if you follow my suggestion, it would be for the best that you aren't asking for something like the real one like in the photo. (*v* ;;)

If you recall in the video above, there is one who go to the extend of bringing along his family to take a peek at Miku-san.

Also there are many who go to the extend of buying Vocaloid mechanical and stuffs there! (* A * ;;) !

If you are a fan of Vocaloid, then wouldn't you just want those stuffs at your clean hands?

Of course I want those, but it seem like my clean hands aren't long enough to reach New Chitose Airport in Japan from Singapore, so for now, the money is being keep in my bank.

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