Sunday, March 11, 2012

Marking one year of Japan Tsunami/Earthquake

Since today is 11 March 2012.

It been 1 full year since the Japan 20112 earthquake and tsunami which shook the world, over the ever destructive Earthquake one ever seen, with it powerful Tsunami, naming next to the 2004 Earthquake in India.

As Danny choo had 2 new posts on the aftermath on Japan 2011 Earthquake/Tsunami, you may refer to the following links
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This Earthquake also let me remind of my pasting of my great grandma, who went off just a few days before the Earthquake, and the time when I had to stop my trip to Japan which was scheduled on April 2011 previously.

But comparing to the lost of lives in Japan, it not much to me or anyone not in Japan though.

Even that time when May'n come to Singapore for her concert, I didn't donated much at that time as I did not bring much money with me.

However, what is more better when the Earthquake stirke? There are many kind soul who give their helping hands.

Incomparable to the story Guilty Crown plot, what I really like this world is that People from around the world give in the support.

Now I still ashamed previously I make a strong stand that time on my friends, the nuclear factory was a gone case and somehow I knew there was leak there, and yet I didn't go and spread it like it true as I fear other think I'm crazy. But my praise to the strong and brave one who went there to try to stop it.

What past is past, and now we will continue to live on, knowing improvement will be made. I will try my best to show case more M.A.G when I took interest once I set my eyes on it.

As for now....

Given one moment of silent today is more than enough.
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