Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cleaning up my hand again

Sunday is a good day to take a break, but having Monday is another whole new story, don't you agree?

Anyway, I will be starting to plan up my time table since I need to start up my engine for many things that are coming my way, like courses on top to my MAG. (*_*;;)

As I did say before, I have gotten my clean hands on Final Fantasy XIII-2, but yet to start playing it, and adding on despite having those Manga and Anime on my shelf.

I will need to buy some AA batteries since my camera is still running on that, and I will be getting to use the Wacom from my sister, since she going into mostly 3-D modelling, so I will starting to do some drawing! (*v* )

Basing off on some website, it seem like I will have to relearn some Dreamweaver, since it's very very useful web designers, with an easy step to improve on. Previously on one of my work project during Singapore Polytechnic was to make use of HTML and Python coding, in which I create the core platform for 'Cynote'.

But now that I think about, I will need to retake the basic which I dropped somewhere out of nowhere. Plus this doesn't mean that I will doing it alone, as I will be having a help from my friend.

Hayate the Combat Butler 352 & 353
@Chapter 352 | @Chapter 353  

Did you get a fever or cold on the day of your Exam? 

After taking a 6 weeks break, Hayate and the other finally are back in action, but it seem like the girls caught a cold, expect for Hayate, but they will be having the Final Exams soon.

Looking at how things go, and how the punchline is from 352, it seem that in 353, Hayate caught the cold on the day of his Final Exams. Comparing to Hayate, it seem that having an cold and still having the strength to take on the exam is just a peanut to his.

You can take a little peek into this 2 chapters on how the cold come about, and just how determined Hayate is willing to go just to take on his Final Exams.

Bearing all the headaches, and before the time of the exam, he just have to promise a girl to get high score, help a little girl, help his friends to do complex financial calculation, and fight a monster , but in the end....

He snapped, just a little, I will just say, poor PSP (>w< ;;)

What can I say? He one determined lucky guy who specialty is Misfortune. (^w^;;)

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