Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Turning "Just a while" to a very long while

Considering the number of games, Manga, Anime, Light Novels, other stuffs to help my parents, I am starting to wondering if I can be a Dog, so I can don't count.... Woof. (*w* )

Adding Tales of Graces F which I grab with my clean hands yesterday, honesty, I almost forgot the time to sleep, and the Mass Effect 3 game.

Proving that it a good game, but due to the leveling and training in the game, I just simply forgot the time.

Time is really starting to be an issue now, with all the games yet to be start/play/complete. . . well it look like I won't be worrying about being bored, since I got the stuffs to do, play game, read manga or Light Novel.

A thank to my friend, it seem like my clean hand is full at the moment, but I still enjoying since currently I got the spare time to complete the game, although I won't say much about Mass Effect 3, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Disgaea 4... blah blah blah.. (*x* ;;)

Frankly, having wondering how did the game creator of Tales of Graces F is thinking, having a Dog and a Chicken talking is very amazing.

Though I don't feel easy if a chicken was to come up to me and telling me to take it easy, despite my house cat did say "Huh?" before.

Sometime, it seem Luck don't really play a part in game, especially in Mass Effect 3 where Ammo is all about.

But confirming that if one did not play beforehand Mass Effect 1 & 2, then one wouldn't be expecting much from Mass Effect 3, since previous game, with the previous choice make before will, in a big way, affect the "Perfect Ending" in the game though...

Reading Manga on other hand is, making me starting to slow down on the on-line Manga Reader, and continue to finish those at my room first, simply because the author are beating around the bush.

Not really an issue as they explain the details of what happening, but in Naruto 578, I surprised that the author summarized the whole battle of the war so far, into one cute page. (*A* ;;)

But I still waiting for other Manga though, which give me some time to do other stuffs instead.

Overall, I still think that when you do something for a while, the time past by very fast, but when you are staring blankly at the PC, 1 mins is like 1 hour/days... (*o* ;;)

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