Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Guilty Crown

The Everlasting Guilty Crown PV

I was informed by my friend of this PV, and after watching this, I just to comment on 2 things; Very very excellent Idea of using the song Everlasting and adding with the model animation of Inori Yuzuirha (@Wikia) (* x * ;;)

Considering that Guilty Crown is a very good Anime, I personally wouldn't mind watching it many time if they put it as the Opening/Ending theme.

Well~ It not like you get to see this type of 3D PV every single day. (*w* )

If the case that you are unaware of what Guilty Crown is, it's an oncoming Anime which was released on 14th Oct 2011, and there is new that it Game series will release on 31st May 2012, on PC Microsoft Window Platform.

(Giruti Kuraun)
Alt Name: Guilty Crown 

Directed by: Tetsuro Araki
Written by Hiroyuki Yoshino
Music by Hiroyuki Sawano
Studio - Production I.G.
Network Fuji TV

Manga  - Chapter 1 [oncoming] @Batoto
Anime -  Episode 19 [oncoming] (@Anime 44)
More info @Wiki | @Wikia

The plot is taken in Japan, and that a sudden virus outbreak cause it into a disarray. With no way to save those who are infected, they are being kill off. To save them, Japan have to request to other countries for help, but looking at the first 2 episode, it seem that even Laws treat the un-infest people infested and kill them off despite their plead.

Ouma Shu, a 17yrs socially awkward high school student, who want to live a normal life and staying out of other people way. However his life is changed when he meet up with Inori, who turn out to be Funeral Parlor aka 'Undertaker'.

Caring about his own life and danger initially, he finally take the first step out to save Inori from the GHQ (the so-call Law which i mentioned earlier) and gained the power of the kings; "Void", which he use it to take out the robot of GHQ.

Personally comments for this anime, I like how the story is heading, but I hate the part of innocence people being kill off just like that though, but thinking about it, well, this what make us know which is the bad guys.

Also, watching the episodes that were aired so far, it seem that there is one thing very true in the story, 'Power and position can change a person'.

From what I see, it did seem that the saying was true in this story, although I wouldn't really say that since I did see how true the saying can be, and hopefully that I wouldn't change too much like what the main character changes in the story.

However, another compliment from me is that robot that are being pilot by normal, but unlike Gundam or similar where the pilot are in a pod in the robot inside, it seem like the Robot here are call Endclave, and the pod controlling it are separate.

So if the machine is destroy, the body will be alright, but the mind will not, as it is what controlling the machines. Looking at how they fight, it also seem that the pilot can feel the pain when their piloting machines are taking damages.

If you are interesting in the Anime, you may take a peek into the world of Guilty Crown, and watch how the life a normal student change dramatically.. (^w^ )

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