Thursday, March 1, 2012

Looking back into my room

Since currently I got spare time to do, better than go around asking for jobs, staring blankly at the computer, reading manga non-stop or even watching anime.

Even if what I just mentioned are what I been doing at home, but I need to do a little cleaning to my little room, because I still going around to some furniture to take a look around.

Sometime I do go to IKEA at Tampines, Singapore for some idea, which currently ended with my wardrobe, bookshelf, bed, bed side drawer(actually a study table drawer), TV console table, arm chair all being from IKEA...

What can i say?

They are all good materials and they are cheap, and what make it more worth is that when you are building them up using the materials yourself, you would appreciate the furniture even more...

If you did read my previously blog, you would take notice the changes made from my room. But anyway, let take a look back at how much changes my room had gone though...
And maybe how I become an Otaku... (^w*)

Initially, this started during my Poly life, and also the same time I become more interested in Manga, despite reading Doremon, Detective Conan and City Hunter from my Uncle when I was 6 yrs, I didn't go into the way of manga during that point of time, but even so, I wasn't a cleanliness freak yet as you can see in my photo.

As you can see that my table is very big, well, this table been in the household since I was born, so this is about the same age as me, but this is no original table, it's a Dinning Table.. (*o* !)

So when I eating in my room, my mum can't nag at me for not eating at a table.  (^w^ ;;)

But my room went into a big change when my old bookshelf and my wardrobe cant support my increasing demand for more Manga and clothes at that time, so I have to go IKEA to take a little look, but at that time, It was a only (seem like) one chance to have such a big space in my room, due to my big table.

This Bed from IKEA is really really REALLY sturdy to the point it still standing until now! That time before i bought it, what i wanted was to buy a Sofa Bed which can be a Sofa and a bed at the same time, but as I take a look back, this bed didn't failed me due to my heavy weight until now. (=*w*=)''

Both Wardrobe and the bookshelf come to my room together.

But what I like is the book shelf where i can store all my stuff like Manga, Anime and Music on it, and as you can see, there are a little increase of Manga. Ya, very little increase (*w* ;;)

As for the wardrobe, as it's very big, it can store up to a lot of clothes. Yet what you see in the photo is just only the T-shirts, the bottom two drawers are where I put my pants and shorts etc. Well, I not going to say how much clothes I owned here, but for those who know me well, they will notice which clothes that I wear the most... (^w* ;;)

When I was still an NSF, I finally decided to buy a new TV and later on, a Play Station 3 console, with Final Fantasy XIII as my first game.

The old one is now at my sister room since she want a TV in her room too.

During the first AFA in Singapore back then, I decided to buy my first Dakimakura, Kallen of Code Geass, the other cushions were later bought from later AFA sessions annually. I even started to buy Figurines since then.

 And during last year AFA, I finally make a big change to my room, to show case my room and make it more better than just a few thing placing around only.

And to do so, i bought a few more stuffs during AFA 2011.

Starting from the bed, placing them is a pain, not because I have to just put them up.

What the problem is I have to use clear plastic to wrap them to make them more long lasting, expect for the wall scroll.

And thank to one big help from my friend, I finally got my both clean hands into the Razer Black Widow Ultimate keyboard, Naga mmorpg Mouse, Goliathus mouse mat Extend and Carcharias.

Also he did help me in getting a good budget DIY CPU, and with a little re-positioning, now my computer is all in place, just that I will need to get the Wacom from my sister since she not into 2-D drawing now...

I also a collector, and base on the photo, I collected a lot of anime key-chains and Necklace etc, bought and given.

As I don't really use them all at one shot, I finally decided to put them up as decoration instead, which I paste mostly on the bookshelf and wardrobe.

With the big dinning table into the Kitchen, now I got a big spacing here which i still want to add more stuff, but not really putting up poster.

But now that I think about it, my room sure did went through a big change, wouldn't you agree?
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