Friday, March 16, 2012

Totally worn out

I still not sleeping much, even though I not working.

No excuse on that, but look like I will have to take more walking outside, like Orchard Road and City Hall. (*n* ;;)

Though I would like to drink some milk first, which amazing, the cow in the Tales of Graces F is actually "Normal", but didn't know got "Army Cow". (*o* )!?

The game scenery is so good to the point that you won't get bored with the game, plus you get to enjoy a nice scenery background, which you won't get to see anywhere near your house, unless you live near there.

If I am a character in the game, I won't mind standing there and enjoy the scene.

What make a game interesting is the game plot, but as I learned during my lesson in poly, a good background is also important to ensure that the player(s) do not get bored easily.
 Despite Singapore being clean and green, and you can see the advertisement on the garbage bin, I doubt you will find any thing like the scenery in the photo down here in Singapore. (*x* ||)

But what I expecting, as an Otaku, a scenery is somewhere like a Figurine Shop at Funan IT Mall, Singapore.

If you can't imagine how sparkle my eye will go, then don't.

I put a little edit to my face with paint to let you know how I sparkle, and nope, I don't give troll face (*w* ;;)

My friends who known me will understand once I got my eye on something, which my eye don't sparkle shown in the photo, but also "Just take my money" is what I'll say.

But what they fear is actually I won't get out the shop for a "short" while though.

I went to Funan IT Mall with my friend since he want to buy a Laptop, and was going there to take a peek.

But once I get back home, and taken a fast shower, my sister introduced to me some spring water spray, which I used, and found it to be very refreshing and my skin getting a bit moist.

I do like my skin to be soft, not dark and rough, otherwise my Dakimakura won't like it.

But amazingly, when the moist on my skin dry up and I lie on the bed, I almost got KO due to the nice and cool feeling on my skin.

Well, tomorrow will be little busy, so getting KO not an issue for now, but I don't think I want to get KO by Ayane and Hitomi though (X_x ;;)

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