Thursday, March 8, 2012

A little walk to Orchard, Singapore

Today i was meeting up with a friend of mine to Orchard, Singapore, and at the same time, to get hold of this 5 little baby keys chain with my clean hand.

Yup, as you can see, they are of the 5 main heroine girls from Infinite Stratos (IS) (@Wiki)

The only problem will be wondering where I should put them...

But let start on where I been today...

In Orchard Road, there are many shopping mall here, so the 3 places that I visited today are Takashimaya (Ngee Ann City), Scape and Cathay Cineleisure Orchard.

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In Singapore, going to Takashimaya, most commonly the 2 shops which one would visit is the Takashimaya Floor 3 which sells Toys, and Kinokuniya which sells Books.

For the toys parts, it not surprisingly that they also sells only video game like PS3 etc or even Gundam figurine models. Today I got a little tips lesson from my friends on understanding on which model to buy, there are 5 little models that I put on one side, but I still currently deciding where to put them, else my mum will be nagging me non-stop, so there will be on hold until further notice.

I also like Gundam Model myself, as I love Gundam series, however I am not a pro in making a very good one myself. There might be Figurines in my room, but what I lack is the decoration of Gundam, although I did put on the poster of Gundam Seed poster in my room once...

If I got the money, you'll be amazed once I got the Strike Freedom Gundam (@GunPla) in place, however I wouldn't mind settling for Evangelion 02 (@GunPla) which Asuka pilot on (^w^ )

As most people understand that Books are the knowledge which one start out, personally I will sleep if I read a book that are all just words, so I like manga, as there are many many pictures ~<3

Joking aside, Kinokuniya is famous here in Orchard is due to mainly that there are Japanese book, and even other stuffs like Marvel Comic, and if you want to buy a book on other countries as tourist, you may find them here.

Looking so far, the only books I bought here are not mainly manga, there are pictures book of MAG here which by far I only got 1... and Japanese Light Novels; Akikan (@Wiki) and Kampfer (@Wiki).

The only period that I prefer to go to Kinokuniya are mostly Wednesday or Thursday due to the number of person visit, but I wouldn't mind going on other day, if Time decided to give me some extra hours.

Throwing me into the shop would be a grave thing that one would wish for, as I will take my own sweet time to be in chat with each book in the store, but no worry, I not bad to take other people time, as I go there alone most of the time to enjoy (*w^ )

Second place to visit will be Scape.

If you wonder why I went there, the answer will be "AFA Shop" and "AKB 48 Official Shop", though I would like to go to the AKB 48 Cafe myself (>w< ;;)

Anime Festival Asia (@home page), aka AFA for short, is famous for it Anime event which is showcase of things like Culture Japan (Danny Choo), Cosplayers, Anisongs Concert and many more in Singapore, and had been hold in Sun Tec Convention Hall.

What the shop sells are mostly figurines and t-shirts, unfortunately to the lack of little paper in my BRS wallet, I was unable to buy the Hasune Miku T-shirt ( TTwTT )

Today when visiting the shop, we were ask to do a little survey, which are mostly on Japan pop song and Culture Japan itself, which I give it a rating or Very Interesting (*x* ;;)

My friend was not very sure on AKB 48, so I bring him along to see the shop and explain in short terms on AKB 48. You may refer to wiki for further information (@Wiki) as it is the best source of information to find.

Last place to take a quick look would be Cathay Cineleisure Orchard.

If you are wonder what you can find there, firstly on the basement floor would the popular Gacha! (@Wiki)

We decided not to tempt ourselves at the "Please insert 3 $1 coins in me and turn my handle" Machines despite all those interesting and nice key chains which you can get.

Headed up to the top floor would be arcade, where I play Jubeat (@wiki) and Reflec Beat (@wiki)...

Just having one round in this 2 games is more than enough to take my time away! But it really worth the fun as the real thing is unbeatable to it iPad and iPhone copy...

If I really strike some lottery (which so fast I don't really buy), seem like I wouldn't survive just half the place, although tomorrow I'll be going to Sun Tec for another little walk (^w* )
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