Saturday, April 20, 2013

Peek, Grab and Walk

Did went out on a walking Session, and due to too much walking, my legs did get numb after I get back home.

Well, not sure why, but seem like yesterday walking session got me noticing and meeting up with people I know, or relatives.

The main reason was going for Book Peeking, but there also some nice figurines peeking, in which I did want to grab a few of them myself.

But of course I need to stop myself a lot before going off.

Things is, I still got a lot of books, which I going to start peeking into as soon as possible, when I finish the pasting of Wall Paper.

Those books are nice to peek, and to think that now that I got myself a lot more to peek into.

There still other which I yet to peek finish myself. And I still need to rest a bit more on top of peeking.

I still peeking into some Manga and Anime, and sure enough some of them are really got me looking forward to their next episodes.

As for now, time to take a rest before more peeking into those nice light novels.
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