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Creator - Maru Tomoyuki


Published in Shounen Gangan (Square Enix)
11 Volumes [Completed]

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Story plot is where the world is between 3 different empires, The World Alliance, Empire of Maji and Empire of Machines Xyece. And despite all the seemingly peace, Wars always happening, which result in endless fight and lost of lives.

And due to that, the story start with a simple traveler, Nana, who got an extreme amnesia, which result him in knowing absolute nothing, including money or it value.

When he first first arrive in a town Canetool, he was attacked by Ichika and Nil who mistaken him for a rich person from Xyece. Though they were able to clear their misunderstanding, Nana come to understand that their youngest sister, Santes requires a special healing liquid called the Seisui, which can heal any illness or wound instantly.

And so to in order to grab even one, they required a lot of money, but with Nana's help, they decided to go to one of the storehouse to steal one. Though they just say it as borrowing it which I wonder how they going to return it.

Despite the first gate was guard, Nana use his specialty of Cross-dressing, which due to his figure and hair and nice voice can led the guard to be successfully subdues.

But the place is fully guarded with powerful robot, which Ichika and Nil were told to go to the storeroom to find the Seisui first while Nana took care of the robot.

What amazed me is how funny the robot took care of themselves when Nana just dodge the first missile fired, which can bounce against the walls and to go back to the robots themselves.

And so, Nana defeated the robot by a funny weird luck. I really wonder how do that particularly Missile got a bouncing effect.

When Ichika and Nil found the storeroom, they couldn't find any Seisui, but what come as a shock was when they found out the Empire of Machines are going to attack the nation surrounding near country.

Using War to have divine clear up, which is meaning to start a world domination, and the first place to get attack will be Canetool, which Santes is currently still at.

As if Lady Luck is smiling at them, they were able to found one Seisui which might be dropped from somewhere or by someone. But they had to rush back home to get Santes first.

Though they were too late as the attack started, Santes survived the first wave and they were happy as they can use the Seisui to heal the injuries on her. But it seem that fate can be bad as a small bomb was fired which seem to clear the whole of Canetool in just seconds.

Nana was able to survive the wave due to drinking the Seisui himself, but the other 3 children were unlucky. Though sad and angry at first, he decided to end the war from their world and will return their ribbons when the war truly ended.

He bury them at a top of a hill which can overlook Canetool, and in a funny gag by the Creator, it would seem like the 3 of them went to Heaven and seem to enjoy themselves.

What was kind of unexpected was how that ribbon which Nana keep with him and tied to his left hand, had caused him to move forwards in many situations in later chapters.

Later on, he went to another town to learn more about Wars, and of course by reading books in the library. Interstingly, he come across a fight between children which they use the word "War" and caught Nana's attention.

Despite being label as weird and stopping the fight between those children at first few times, they were able to clear their misunderstanding which was due to the Cat they loved so much.

The both sides mistaken each other for the one who hurt the Cat which turned out that the cat tend to get himself injured by falling from a great height. Thanks to the Seisui which Nana got remaining, he was able to heal the cat.

But the happiness turned short when the Xyece Empires appear to attack the town this time. And Nana isn't going to just sit down and do nothing, which he did save the children he was with, and also a mother with her child.

During his plead with one of the soldier to let the children off, the Tripeace turned up and get rib off of the enemies with ease, and their kick or punch sure can thrash those metal robot as if they're paper. Knowing that the Tripeace are strong, Nana did wanted to join them, but was rejected by one of the members, Shiro.

Interestingly, the leader of their squad, Belial the giant and muscular guy, took an interest on Nana. Due to the first rejection, Nana make use of his Cross dressing to try to call out the enemies.

To threaten and scare them, so they will go back and not attack. Though fail at first, he was able to get Belial's help, but strangely Shiro is the only who didn't see though Nana's disguise.

Due to Nana's intervene before Belial kill the soldier, Nana told the enemies to get lost from the place, and promised not to attack them. This earned Shiro's affection, but toward Nanako(Nana's disguise) instead despite having other members telling Shiro many times that it was Nana.

Tripeace is an organization which wanted to stop the wars from many places, but they are also seem as terrorists due to some of the members' way of intervening in Wars.

Love and Peace is the first two, but many members inside Tripeace fight against each other on the third one, which most of them don't agree with. For Belial's, it was Violence, though Nana later joined in with the third being Cross-dressing.

Interestingly, Nana's cross-dressing skills is top-notch, though there are some who didn't failed to notice that he is a man dressing in female clothes.

Another interesting facts is that at the second town when Nana and Tripeace first meet, though Nana say that he was unless and didn't do anything, what he did not notice that he himself had saved 9 lives, which they were grateful to him.

And so, Nana joined the Tripeace and he later train himself, though it seem that he got defeated by the small robot instructor there. But the result isn't going to show himself that fast, and even the robot instructor did show it's satisfaction about Nana's result, which sometime tend to be a surprise.

Funny thing was when Nana was sent to a mission by mistake by Belial, which was originally given to Shiro after her promotion as a Squad Leaders, which is the same position as Belial.

Both Shiro And Nana arrived at the Konpanko War which they were supposed to stop, but interestingly they ended at each opposing sides, and learning about the story from both sides. There Nana decided to cross-dress into Nanako, which he later met up with Shiro unintentionally and unexpectedly.

But thank to that, both Nana and Shiro were able to push both the leader of the two opposing sides to come to a truce, and make peace. Nana also did learnt that the war at first due to Seisui, as both side are producers of Seisui.

It also shown that Seisui is the "blood" of their world, which is why it hard to obtain, despite there being a fountain which hold a lot of Seisui. Yet the main cause of the wars was started by the Empires of Machines, Xyece, as they are eyeing on the Seisui and wanted the 2 countries to die fighting over it.

Yet, though the Xyece agent triggered the wars between them twice, Nana give both leader a hard decision; to destroy the Seisui Fountain which was the main cause of their Wars.

Both the Prince of Pakon and Princess of Kongo knew that they might get killed by their people for the destruction, the people not only forgive them despite being sad, they were all glad that their war finally ended, which was initially started by both their Kings and Queen. And so, both the prince and princess later on take the role as King and Queen of their countries.

Funny thing is how the Seisui Fountain got destroyed by a Seisui Bomb, and the after effect of the Seisui fountain rained down on the people on the battlefield, healing their wound, as if the war didn't happen at first.
Before Nana and Shiro went back, the prince of Pakon gave Nana a bottle of the pure Seisui as a gift, as thank for helping both countries to stop their long wars.

And Nana later got a jump in ranking, for his female disguise Nanako of course. It also seem that Shiro made Nanako her second, which was a large jump. Later on, Nana did clear the quarrel of the squad leaders during the meeting, which he told that they should be helping each other not fighting. Their next mission; to take back Canetool which turned into a factory headquarter by the Empires.

During the operation, they did able to do what they wanted, but the operation was cut short for both sides when they learnt that the place was full of Seisui Bomb, as thank to the original creator of the bomb. And she is Shiro's mother who regret on exchanging Shiro for the number of people the bomb claimed so far.

Throughout the fight between the Empires soldiers and Tripeace, Nana was the only one who do not kill anyone, nor give in to hatred and anger. He even stopped himself from killing the general, who is very powerful. But thank to that, 2 people from Xyece agent later on decided to help Nana back, which they felt a debt needed to be pay.

Also, Shiro did gotten stronger, at the cost of causing back some of his memories. Also the Empires lost a lot due to the battle with Tripeace and decided to withdraw. Also later on they decided to form an alliance with another great empires.

Turned out there is another organization, Ares, wanted conflicts, which they cause many places to start wars, for even no reason.

They did killed off a few Tripeace members just to declare wars on them, and even brainwashed a few of them too.

But the biggest shocked, was that Nana was originally their leader before his memories lost. As due to the relation and help from Nana, the Tripeace did took a liking toward him, which he later promoted to no. 777, but Nanako still number 15, and the second of Shiro.

I wonder why Shiro still don't notice that both Nanako and Nana are the same person, and even having him to show him the proof. In anyway, when the other member learnt the fact, and Nana regaining his memories, Tripeace wanted to stop Ares from preventing the alliances to be success.

Did have a shocked to see how the Main Character tuned out to be the final boss of the Manga myself, and the Creator sure own that praise from me. In anyways, Nana was very strong at first, but he even cross-dress when he was the leader of Ares.

The reason was that they initially did the same as Tripeace, but was able to stop war, and gotten themselves almost wipe out. And so they come to a conclusion that wars is endless, and decided to start more wars around the world.

Of course Tripeace is still there and they wanted to stop Ares from stopping the alliances of Maji and Xyece. Funny thing was how Nana just do stuffs as he like, and the Ares wasn't afraid of letting Tripeace on finding them.

What amazed was when Belial and another giant of Ares fight in a Shogi; just image, 2 giant playing the small shogi, and what worst, both of them are very lousy players.

They did start their fights later on. And though they wanted Shiro not to be involve in the fight due to Nana, she was dragged there by her mother, and Shiro decided to "wake" Nana up, and wanting him to be back to how he was when they first met; the naive crossdressor who wanted to stop all the wars. It was him who later helped Shiro to find her answer to her third word; Love, Peace and Hope.

Later on, Nana regained both his past memories, and the time as Nana, he accepted the part that War is never ending, but he still decided to stop war no matter what, which he later on decided to start by finding back his Ares members to apologise first.

And there the story ended. Yes, I did went and peeked into the Manga before starting this post, which was why yesterday I didn't post one blog. And this post sure is long.

Well, the ending did come as a shock and short, which I did wanted the story to go on and on. Too bad the story ended, which still a fine manga to peek into.

I like how the art and drawing, and how the plot go by. It really smooth and bit of unexpected. Well, having Nana being the final boss, and having his lower part getting kicked by Shiro was kind of shocking.

Even when the Creator did show the Ranking No 2 of Tripeace, I do want to know who the first and third. Too bad they not going to appear since the Manga ended, or unless the creator was given a chance to get a sequel.

So far, the story ended in late 2011, and I wonder what kind of manga the creator still creating. But as far as I peeked, do you want to stop the endless wars with help from TriPeace?
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