Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mada's Anime Goods Report on Straps 2

Last time I did talk how those Straps can be so useful, nice looking for a decoration, in which there will some who use the strap on their hand held stuff, especially mobile phone.

And usually the straps are mean to grab hold of the phone so that they wouldn't fall off. Some even hang them when not in use.

With such a useful straps, surely it a nice and must to grab with, but there is something to take note about this one type of straps.

The straps with the Earphone Jack Pin is meant as an accessory, or decoration and not meant as a holding straps.

If you take a look at the 2 different straps which the 2 picture show, the Sword Art Online Series isn't meant for holding the phone, while the Vividred Operation can.

But due to the point that they are straps, one can just forgot about that jack pin and go hang it. Of course the next thing is having the phone somewhere on the floor.

If you thinking of getting one for use, then you need to consider if you using it as decoration accessory or grabbing hold of the phone.

Strap @Amiami
Sword Art Online 

Vividred Operation

I do know that some come with a cleaner charm to wipe clean the screen as a bonus, while some just got the charm as a nice looking for the phone. I do come along one with many straps on his mobile phone, which I wonder if it was just for show, or he just seriously a strap lover. In anyway he still got my praise for displaying them out.

Anyway, there always the choice of grabbing it as a collection or decorating the wall, bookshelf or some other stuffs. Just need to take note the main part of the each different straps before grabbing one.

Now that you aware of some different in straps, which one do you prefer to grab with your clean hands?
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