Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hiding Spot Changing - Pasting Wallpaper Day 1

Today did paste up some new wall paper to the back of the bookshelf, but of course that isn't going to be an easy task at all.

The reason why I wanted to paste the wall paper, was that the wall was more harder to clean when there is dirt on it, especially when it at the back of the bookshelf.

Can't go having dirt on my collection of Manga and Light Novel, right?

I did mentioned that I wanted to paste the wall paper, but the problem was that the pasting of wall paper was hard at first, but easier as I got the hand on it.

My mum did went and paste a brick design wall paper which look so nice and cool. And due to that, I got the idea of wanting to paste the wall paper behind my bookshelf.

The wall paper is more easier to clean and wipe, since it water proof and more smoother. the wall just take more time and strength to wipe clean.

I do there are many who use wall paper for their Hiding Spot too, although the price is expensive. As for me, my mum was able to get a cheaper one, but of course I will be the one pasting the wallpaper.

Well, Doing It Yourself is more cheaper and got a nice experience when pasting it up, so let peek at how I started pasting it up.


Emptying most of the stuff on the bookshelf and pulling it out..

Problem that I need to take a break after pulling it out and pushing it back when I finished the whole wallpaper. It sure take a lot of strength out of me...



Stuff hidden somewhere on the bookshelf, and Yes, those are Swords and Rods, but not that fatal to kill anyone as the attack stats are all very low.


Figurines box that are on top of my bookshelf.. Need to take them down first, or risk them falling down when Pulling up the bookshelf.


I got lesser figurines than those who I know, well, at least they still figurines which I grabbed with my clean hands.



Got a lot of book to take care of..

But I don't it that much from what I see.


A collection of books which I peeked, and still awaiting to be peek for some of the newer books.



Taking them out is easy, but when it take to put them back, it take longer since I was going to do a new rearrangement of the books again. Of course now I got 3 Rows of Manga and Light Novel, with one little box of the bookshelf to put games discs.


Xiong Mao decided to do some Area Inspection.

He always come and inspect whenever we doing some house cleaning, or changing of position of the furniture.


Time to paste all the wallpaper up, and fast..


The starting part is the hardest, due to the reason that it not straighten and try to roll back. And I need to pull out some and try to paste the sticky wall paper on the wall.

After pasting the start, I need to ensure it stick well and try to slowly paste more until it the surface stick well.

If I got more hands, then it might be easier but I got my own methods.


After ensuring the staring part is stick well, I pull the whole roll out and stick it all to the way. Of course I need to pull and align it well before pulling and pasting it.

Once I finish pasting the whole roll, I start using a cloth and wipe from the left to the right to ensure the wall paper is paste well and at the same time pushing the air bubble away.




Using a cloth to wipe the wall paper to ensure no air bubble surface, if there is, then try to push them to the side to release them, and at the same time, wiping clean the wall paper.

I did pull the whole wall paper out and re-stick it again due to the ending being misaligned.



I not going to paste all the whole to the ceiling, just enough to the height of the bookshelf.

As for the time being, time to lie down on the Wall which look like the Floor instead. And strangely it actually felt good lying on it.




After pushing in the bookshelf back, the bookshelf seem to be more better looking than I expected. A good choice made on pasting the wall paper at the back of the bookshelf.


And time to put back the figurine, books and stuff. And it sure take a lot time and patience.

As for tomorrow, I will post on the wall paper that is going be at the back of the wardrobe, and some furniture shifting time.
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