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Seiten no Hekigan

Seiten no Hekigan
The Blue-Eyed Material

Creator - Takishima Asaka

Series - Manga
Published in Manga Life Win + (Takeshobo)
0 Volumes [Ongoing]

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Come across this short interesting manga, and it actually not bad for a short peeking. Problem was that there wasn't much chapters which I need to check Google to see if there much chapters released.

Turned out to have 6 Chapter of raw, but English sub got up to 3 instead. While, it really take about the raws chapters to show what really happened, still it would show more in later unreleased chapters.

Story plot started with Natsuki running in her dream and only to wake up. With a mind of not wanting to go school, she was dragged by her childhood friend, Haruka.

Even interesting was that Natsuki's mum did not even woke her up and told her to go to school. Even when she reached school after dragged by Haruka, she still want to go back home.

Interestingly about this facts which later explained, it would seem that Natsuki do not want to be in the Physical education lesson, on top of having no other friends. And more like she prefer not to social with other, which cause some of the other classmate on not having any idea to communicate with her.

Even though she did brought her gym clothes, she still decided to skip the PE lesson despite having the clothes.

While she was hiding at the rooftop of the school and ate her big riceball made by her mum, there was a sudden rain of "Sweet" blue slime on Natsuki.

While thinking of taking a photo before getting out of the place, the slime compile and "attack" Natsuki. While she was thinking what might happen to her, the next thing she noticed was a naked girl sitting on top of her.

What amazed me was that the "Alien slime" took Natsuki's phone (Iphone in this case) and touched it; as if she trying to get as many information as she can.

The phone later exploded, but the alien was able to speak in Japanese having learnt as much info from the phone. I also wished I got that ability so that I don't need to re-learn everything.

Anyway, Natsuki was still shocked from having encounter an alien, and she still lend her gym clothes to the alien as that she got something to wear, and told her to wait at the rooftop while she still go on for her class.

Though Natsuki rushed to find the alien after school, she was shocked to know that the alien took her time in reading as many books from the library, as she want to learn about the culture and vocabulary of Earth first.

She also revealed that she is a criminal who was exiled from her home planet, and was forced to live in earth. Just that she encountered Natsuki when she reached there.

Also, her human form was due to having Natsuki's saliva.

Being afraid of her and possible invasion, the alien assure Natsuki that she isn't going to do anything, and that she will live with Natsuki so that she can be watched by Natsuki.

Interestingly, the alien gave Natsuki the ability to brainwash people, but by very close contract via Eye. Though the alien can brainwash people herself, she choose not to, and even not to Natsuki.

She did though of Natsuki as a simple people, even Natsuki think she being used by the Alien.

She had to brainwashed Haruka and lied that the alien was her long lost sister who went for treatment oversea. Problem was, Natsuki also had to use the same brainwash on her own parents. Though the brainwash success easily, Natsuki also messed it up as she forget to gave the alien a name by "Aoi".

It sound as Blue, as due to the alien was blue when they first met. Also Aoi's eye is blue. Though she did not like the name as first, she lived with it as it only a simple name and that her original name is hard to understand by human.

Though they slept together in the same bed, their parents was able to change it to a double desk so both can share the same room. Interestingly, while Natsuki was sleeping, Aoi took her time to made use of a laptop to learn more, like how she learn from using the phone.

And Aoi was given some money to buy new clothes to wear. She also enrolled into the same school as Natsuki, which strangely that she can easily get along with the classmate and befriend them. Also, she is consider smart and clever as she was able to answer teacher's question in class, which all the traits are different from Natsuki.

But as she start living with Natsuki, Aoi learnt about Natsuki being the anti-social, and not wanting to attend school too. Well, I like the idea of having Aoi calling Natsuki "Onee-chan" here but Natsuki dismiss that..

Wanting to help Natsuki to change her personality, after hearing from other students about their view on Natsuki, Aoi got into a quarrel with Natsuki.

During PE lesson, which Natsuki skipped again, and Aoi strangely very bad in sports, Haruka revealed about Natsuki's past where she was a very fast runner.

Able to break records and having many expectation from other, an accidents during run cause Natsuki to have injury in her leg ankle and causing her unable to run.

Due to that, she withdraw herself and not wanting to leave her room at first. Her mother did let Natsuki be, and which is why Natsuki currently was being laid-back and wanting to skip school.

After learning all this, Aoi try many way to provoke Natsuki and wanting her to change. From a fight in class by throwing erasers at each other (which shocked and scared all other classmate) to a text message spamming provoking each other. But that did not cause Aoi to back down as she want to help and change Natsuki in any way possbile.

Well, that about it till Chapter 6, which made me list this manga into one of my peeking as I do want to know more about what might happen next. Also I do want to see how the Alien Aoi will change Natsuki. In anyway, Natsuki's life change when Aoi appear out of no where.

Really not bad for a short manga peeking though the plot only reveal on the next chapters, and I do want to know what will happen next. Some more I first time come across the publisher of the manga, which isn't very common from what I know.

As far as I peeked, do you want to know more about the strange relationship between the Alien Aoi and Human Natsuki in Seiten no Hekigan?
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