Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mada's Sunday Reports 5 May 2013

Thank to those who wished me with nice Birthday wishes, and to my family with an Awesome Birthday Present, a New PS Vita and a PS3 Game.

Well, the Dynasty Warrior 7 Xtreme Legends was bought by my Imouto due to the reason that she want to play that games herself.

But I will be having a sweet time playing the PS Vita later on, after some tasty bite out of the Birthday Cake.

I been walking and peeking around, but having to even thinking of having this as a birthday present was out of my mind. A nice present with grab with, and of course with my Clean hands of course.

My Imouto however will be having the "Kor, it's time to play some games", which pretty much like having Nagi coming up to you and asking you to play games.

Well, I will have my time playing some other games at a later timing.

But there are also other Manga and Light Novels which I also need to read on and hopefully finish them as soon as possible. Can't have them just staying blankly on my bookshelf. I do peek into other older Manga which I bought too.

But let take a peek at some of what I been up too, or peeking.

Figurines / Anime Goods

Hiding Spot Changing

A Little Peek / A Little Walk

I must said that I getting better use to my new Hiding Spot, since it more easier to peek at the Anime from my bed, and that I don't need to shift my electronic fans from my bed to my table all the time.

And at the least is that I can easily grab stuffs I need from my surrounding.

Also my hiding spot at least look more better with some wall having the Wallpaper up, and an easier time to wipe clean the wall during cleaning period.

 Even the bookshelf look more tidy and neat, although it will be just a matter of time before new books start coming in.

Do consider that I been going out on Walking Session just to peek around on some nice stuffs. Of course I did grabbed a few of what I want, like new volumes of the series I peeking.

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