Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mada's Figurines Report 14 May 2013

I had seem many collection from other people, and till now, so far though my figurines collection is less, the only thing I can show off is my Manga and Light Novel Collection.

But having a few figurines is a good thing, as one can take them out to peek at, some would like to take photo of them. And some take them out for Walking Session.

If I want to have someone out, maybe you can ask this cute girl, without her weapons of course.

Rei Kuroki (Figma) @Amiami

Surely I do not want her to power up some bad ass alien monster which can easily sweep off Tanks and Jet fighter.

But anyway, she is out for grab after Akane figma, which this time is showing Rei still in her stage of playing the bad guy role here. She still wearing that scarf and have the black wing bow. You can don't expect any arrow coming out, but she might be a scary person to cross with.

If you do, she will really shot her Arrow (which actually do come with it) and from what I know, she seem to only show either an angry or serious face expression. I didn't see her smile much until the end of the anime series.

But she can be very shy when she do blush. And even if you take her bow and arrow away, she can take her guns out. For those who love to get shot a lot, maybe you can grab her and imagine yourself getting shot by either her arrow or bullet.

For me, the only thing I would love to expect from a figurine is some songs.

Sheryl Nome (Nendoroid) @Amiami

I have to play music from either my computer or iphone and imagine the figurine is singing.

Anyway Sheryl just look so cute on top of some coolness. Also she can play her flute if she want too. Just that I wonder why she got an "opening mouth wide with serious eye" face expression.

The closing eye face expression can let one expect that she is singing some song, with passion and feeling, and the only thing that got me wondering if she holding a microphone or flute.

Anyway you not going to expect any noise coming out, even if she is standing on a stage; So just imagine them in your head. But about the stage base, the good thing is that it can be fix and stick to the Nendoroid base stand (yes, the one with many "hole") and making Sheryl standing much higher.

It really give the feeling that she is standing high up and singing on a stage.

 And on top of that is that she wearing a nice dress. For those who know of the Anime would know that she wearing the one in the opening theme of the anime, with this time her hair is pink. Well, she do look cuter.

Another girl that seem normal but another closer look can be shocking.

Kazuno (1/8 Figurine) @Amiami

Well, Kazuno is very strong and can fight very well. If you notice her hands, they got the energy stored there, and not that she holding on to any gems.

The pose she doing is suppose to have 2 great sword looking appear at her side, which actually do come with her, and having their own special base stand so that you can display them at her side.

Also, she is standing on some kind of road, which I wonder if she is the one break some part of it.

Can understand if the swords are too heavy, but I doubt that in anyway. Also she can be display without the 2 swords if you want. They can take up a lot of places if you think carefully, but they are great to show off her power.

Just don't cross or she might cut you up accidentally.

But if you want a girl with smaller swords, there is one with Katana instead.

Kyubei Yagyu (1/8 Figurine) @Amiami

Sometime I find the story plot mess up due to mixing reality or other series into their story, but sometime I find them funny.

But anyway, this girl do mean what she is and can be a dangerous girl to cross with. It also seem that she can change her hand pose if you want her either strike pose or shy cute pose.

I wonder if why come with a cute little monkey, which bit out of places when placing next to her.

Overall it still look not bad, plus the pink kimono isn't that too bright, which is good for the peeking, since she look cute and cool in the strike pose.

But I give my hand in when I notice that there is another cute pink and fluffy for the base stand of this figurine.

Ichika Takatsuki (1/7 Figurine) @Amiami

I wonder where she really is sitting down, since the base stand actually look very nice and fluffy to sit on, or even sleep on.

On top of that is having Ichika sitting nicely on it. Also what got me find it more appealing is that her red hair is in a nice bright red-pink color, which look very refreshing.

Most probably is that since Ichika look very relaxing when sitting down on the fluffy base stand. But the choice of clothes is the very common school uniform. Which do appeal to many in that area of fetish. But if you ask me what to choose, I actually can't think up of another unless it an one-piece dress.

Anyway she look very nice with the pose of having her right hand seemingly to fix /touch her hair. Well, the maker of this figurine did want her to look more mature.

If you find yourself smiling due to unknown reason after peeking at her, then it no surprise since it from Good Smile Company.

Though this next girl doesn't smile, but she is wearing one-piece dress and pose nicely.

Kirino Kousaka (1/8 | One-piece Dress ver.) @Amiami

She is a model on top of a runner, so she can pose very nicely. Only thing is that she might look more better when a small smile.

But this innocent looking face also look very great on her, which I tend to forget that she is an Otaku and like Imouto-kind Eroge.

I also find it funny when she look very pretty but can be very fierce and get "drunk" when playing some games or watching anime.

But if you want to look at even more sexy and yet innocent, then this can be overkill.

Super Sonico (Sweets & Bikini ver.) @Amiami

Actually I find it very nice, which I at first mistaken the sweets version and only to found out that she got some cake and sweet to display with her.

Super Sonico is wearing a bikini herself, and I think many would just love that Neko for untying the string on her bikini.

And that cat also look so innocent and cute too. Maybe just too playful, but I think many would give that Neko a "Good / Nice Job!" thumbs up.

Anyway this figurines is based off an Art, which I would give praise to both for the nice art and figurines. It actually look very nice, but one thing got me wondering, why is super Sonico wearing a bikini at home and having cake so close to her when she playing with the 2 cute Neko?

Ah well, last cute girl in swimsuit before we close for today, maybe this next one can be bit misleading.

Miwa Takanashi (1/4 | Swimsuit Ver.) @Amiami

Yes, you saw it, it really is a 1/4 scale, which seem to be big, but if you considered that the character is actually a cute little girl, that scale is that big. What I think is that she really is small if we think of her real height.

This figurines is 330mm, so I did think the maker did consider her real height. Anyway she is doing a close pose with a smiling face expression which show you that she want to have at the beach.

Well, you can don't let her hold on to the swimming tube, but do remember her age when you think about her swimsuit. Fine, she do look very cute on top of sexy, which can be very dangerous to many.

Not bad, which I do praise to the Maker, Freeing. Always try to have bigger scale figurine and at a higher price of course.

Anyway, with so many figurines we peeked, if you notice, most of them have something that comes along with them as a set. Some normal figurines do not have anything except for a base stand to ensure the figurine stand firmly.

So do you like to grab figurines that come along with something?
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