Monday, May 27, 2013

Mada's Figurines Report 27 May 2013

The weather sure can be very unpredictable, from becoming Hot to cold and vice versa.

Well, even in Singapore, when it do happen, it no surprising to see a few complaining how hot the weather is, or how cold it can be.
The best thing during such weather is to wear a bit less and bring a jacket just in case.

Kuroneko (1/8 | Shironeko Ver.) @Amiami

What Kuroneko wearing is ideal for the hot summer, which Singapore tend to be in most season; We only got hot weather or rainy time.

Well, she can remove her hat, but I would prefer she wear that. Also it sure make her look more cuter than one expected. Very good for walking session if you asking me.

During hot weather, it also good to cool and take a dip in the swimming pools.

Kirino Kousaka (1/8 | Sexy Bikini Ver.) @Amiami

Best one would be getting wet and cool your head. Even I tend to take cold shower and not the hot one. Well actually I tend to shower with cold water most of the time.

Even if Kirino is going to shot me with that water gun, I will still take it. Just that the only water gun in the world not to get shot is from Yoo Jae Suk.

It do seem that she is aiming carefully with her water gun, but I not sure if it will hit it mark.

From what I know, in Japan when Summer is near, they need to change their uniform, but in Singapore, we only got one type of uniform.

Mana Miyuki (1/7) @Amiami

This time Mana is appearing with her friend, and it do seem that she hate the wind more than other.

Well, for the boys, Wind element is the best choice since one can let them blow off the skirt and see the nice pantsu.

But Mana isn't going to let one take a peek at her, yet it make her look more cuter than expected. Only that I doubt she will be walking in that way to school.

Some who take the hot weather will wear a bit thinner, so that they can be more cooler.

Asuna (1/8 | Titania Ver.) @Amiami

Maybe Asuna prefer to wear that due to the hot weather, but anyway, she do seem pretty if not for the bad person trying to trap her.

I need to give the maker a good praise for having the SAO and ALO Asuna, just that it might be a matter of timing before the other type of ALO Asuna will be out.

Not gonna to spoil how many games there, so just either read the Light Novel, or wait for it season 2. Well, Asuna seem like a goddess who can cook very well. Wish I get to taste her sandwiches too.

Even in hot weather, there are a few who wear clothes which cover their body up.

Meiya Mitsurugi (1/7) @Amiami

It no surprise to see such person outside anyway. But anyway, the anime really is one of the another series which got girls in body suit show their nice body curve.

I really give praise to the one who drew those girls in Muv-Luv. But becareful of this girl, not only is her look can be very scary, but she can draw her katana and cut very well.

I wonder how she can do that. But I do like the pose where she seem to be lying down and yet ready to strike down anyone.

But talking about striking down, how about getting strike by a Yandere for the last one?

Kotonoha Katsura (1/8) @Amiami

I might die a very bad way if I going for a Yandere myself, but guys, if you got one, please be careful.

From what I see, Kotonoha look really gentle and good, but I really like how that playboy main character die. Well, he should be for being the play boy and an irresponsible on on top.

Well, she might look gentle, and pretty, but that just a cover up for her dark side. I really wonder if the maker purposely hide her hands in the clothes, which is actually having her holding to some knife.

If I'm her boyfriends, I might just go for her and be nice to only her; for the sake of my own life. Maybe I might die in the swimming pools instead.

Anyway, during such unpredictable weather, what type of clothing do you prefer your figurines to have?
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