Thursday, May 9, 2013

Playing PS3 / Vita with friend

Today was playing some PS3 and PS Vita games with my friend, even we had a little game of who can have the better score when playing Project Diva F.

Despite my serious gaming mode, I still lost, but the gain is that I get to finish most of the games scores.

There are just many games which can be play together and it good to have some fun.

My friend is having his test next week, but today we are having some relaxing moment for him. All work and no play is a bad thing, so it good for him to step into something else. Well, another friend of mine is play game and not much into study at first, maybe he need a bit of mood first before study.

For me in the past, I just play as I like, and I don't really study and learning only the important part. At the same time reading up on the important note and pray that they come out, which most of the time did. Should I made a mistake, it just mean that I anyhow did the question; cos I hate Exam myself.

In anyway, sometime playing with friends can be a good thing, and better if the game support co-op multiplayer to complete on some quest, mission or some boss fighting.

Maybe I tend to get work up too easily, to the point that I can't smile when I playing some games, which meant that I am into Serious Gaming Mode and I am focusing all my mind into the game.

Just that it might made me look weird in someway or another. But I am actually more tired than I expected due to reading too much Light Novels myself. Even when my friend some of the series, I actually forgotten some part and was showing the very tiring face.

Was bit of shame since he is the guest, at the least he did enjoy some games which in my hiding spot. Still, he need to get back home himself. As for me, some quick peek into some light novel before my napping; I am really getting sleepy myself.

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