Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mada's Figurine Report 21 May 2013

Today such a nice weather to stay at home due to the Raining in Singapore, and so, I staying at home for some peeking.

Of course Anime and Manga is a must, but I do need to peek at some figurines. I do want to take a few pictures of my collection at later timing too.
First off, when I do felt like going out, I do want some one to sent stuffs to me, and maybe by a girl.

Messenger Girl (1/7) @Amiami

I not the type who like to exercise, and prefer to stay at home. But at time, there is a need for Walking Session to check thing out.

Those who like someone to send stuff, maybe you would like a sweet girl like her to help you. Maybe then you will even want to meet her almost everyday.

Anyway we see what letters did she sent first. _φ(□□ヘ)

First off, from a very powerful being who is the Demon Queen, but she look more human than I thought at first.

Demon Queen (1/8) @Amiami

The never fail to amaze me is her fake horn, which she must wear it during ceremony, and it did gave me the shock when she remove it easily.

Also, she is very clever to the point of even able to change many thing in the human world. But what amazed me is how she become the couple with the Hero. ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)

Seeing how she walk, it would seem that she is enjoying her walk, and the wind sure blow nicely. You might want to peek at her dress if you want, but her first view isn't that bad at all.

Next letter is from a very cute little girl.

Yoshino (1/7) @Amiami

I always wonder how the hell the puppet able to speak on her, when many thought it was the girl who speaking for it.

But somehow the puppet just able to do thing and speak when it on Yoshino's hand.

One thing to note, don't let the girl cry or the next thing you get is a rain on you. I really wonder how she can summon rain with a cry.

There is another bunny, which is more scary and bigger, which Yoshino will summon it when she in danger and moreover, it a the ice type where it can freeze almost anything.

But from what I see, is a cute little girl with the bunny style. As much as I loved bunny, I not the type to do anything stupid to her. She just look so cute which I do want her to be my Imouto too. ~(>_< ~)

One more is from a cute girl after she finally join up with her gang.

Sakura Matou (1/8 | Yukata ver.) @Amiami

Well, just a few more month to Summer, but Singapore sure is having Summer now, which the weather sometime being too hot.

Even when there is a cool shower rain later, one can get sick easily due to that. But maybe one peek at Yukata might helped.

I really wonder how do the pink and purple color can mix so well and nice on Sakura. She holding a pink fan to cool herself nicely too.

If you got her gang with her, you can let them all pose together. I really wonder if Sakura will sent in a photo of her gang with her in Yukata.  (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ

Somehow I receive a letter from 2 cute girl with photo of them in their machines.

Rebuild of Evangelion Entry Plug Interior (1/6) @Amiami
-Asuka Langley Shikinami
-Rei Ayanami

Well, it would seem that I still like Asuka, but from what I know, Rei isn't that bad too. Also this time having the two of them to be together might be a good thing.

I really amazed how they can pose so nicely when they are in their plug suit and sitting on the entry plug.

From what I know, most of the time they just jump inside and get ready to fight.

But the next letter also from girl in body suit and they do seem like ready to fight too.

Muv-Luv (Nendoroid) @Amiami
-Cryska Barchenowa
-Inia Sestina

Really, I do need to give my hat to the Good Smile Company for having this 2 girls at the same time.

I may prefer the full figurine which is good for the peeking as one can peek at their body curves. But playing with this 2 cute girls is also fine.

Moreover, they can "combine" their "seat" together, but I wondering what with their face where their eye are cover in darkness. It also give me the scare.

I do receive letter from game too.

Rise Kujikawa (Petanko) @Amiami

Not really from game, but Rise looking cute and sitting down really made her good to place at working table.

There also Yu if you prefer the main male character. But of course I go for the female in this case.

Both of them can take off and on their glasses if you want too, but even with or without, they sure look so cute not to peek at.

I really wonder why those Anime, Manga and Game characters can look so different when they put on their glasses. ( ̄□ ̄;)

And speaking of the devil, the next letter is from the glasses looking girl.

Nakuru Narumi (1/8) @Amiami

Well, enough of strong and powerful girl for now, normal girls are also cute and they got their own charm.

Just that I really wonder why Nakuru like wearing the Neko ear with glasses on. Well, she also look very pretty without her glasses on.

And since she is joining with her gang, she is of course to show off some of her body part, as this time for her is her chest. (`ー´)

If you do have the series set, then you can place her with them, and have a Eye candy peeking time.

I seem to have a letter from another imouto.

Mikan Yuuki (1/8) @Amiami

Well, she do have a elder brother who seem to give trouble to girls from what I know, and yet the funny thing is how he can attract the girls.

Yet, the imouto is someone who can depend on her, and she is a great cook at her age, whom even her dad would like it to have her cook for her.

Even mature for her age, one can say that she made a good wife, but she got her hands full on her family, especially when it come to her elder brother.

For a cute and easy going looking little girl, I really wonder how come she seem like the elder sister instead.

There is a letter from an elder sister though, but when you ask me, I really think of her as imouto instead.

Kuroneko (1/8 | One dress Ver.) @Amiami

Maybe due to her short height, Kuroneko is instead the elder sister who took good care of her younger sisters.

She also a good cook with very good in knitting and sewing. Well, she is a cosplayer too, but when she wear causal clothes, she sure look very cute too.

Seem like she going with the One dress with Kirino, but with their height, I really wonder why Kuroneko seem like the cute imouto instead. 【・ヘ・?】

Anyway, I got a shock when I received the next letter of someone who got hurt.

Ikaruga (1/8 | Damage Ver.) @Amiami

I really amazed at how the one who fight with her can damage her clothes but not her instead. I sure give my praise for the nice look of her.

Well, her clothes is damaged which explained the version of it. And she do have some swimsuit on, with some cut on it too.

But if you think of cutting it up more, you better not get cut by her instead. She do have her katana out and still on her hand.

From what I peek, the better choice is just stand far and continue peeking at her instead. (◎-◎;)

Last letter will be a big one, and it really a big one indeed.

Super Sonic (1/2) @Amiami

Not just her oppai being big, but having a figurines of 1/2 scale can made me wonder where I going place it in my hiding spot if I really have her.

Well, the price is also no joke with it being 33,350 Yen. And don't think too hard, there are some who people who will grabbed her no matter what.

If I got money, I might also do the same without asking. It not like everyday where you get to have a figurines of that scale, and on top of being Super Sonic.
Well, maybe if they decided to sell the 1/1 Scale of Hatsune Miku, I might faint instead.

In anyway, if you could receive a letter from any character from any Manga, Anime, Game or Light Novels, who, which, what do you want it to be from?
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