Friday, May 10, 2013

Mada's Figurine Report on Sakura Miku Nendoroid

Was playing with Sakura Miku Nendoroid which I grabbed from ToyCoin, Initially I didn't pre-order it as I wasn't aware of the ordering until I missed it out. But good thing is that I was able to spot this cute little girl and invited her to my hiding spot.

My Imouto still prefer the Snow Miku version, but I like this Sakura, plus she got the cute face expression except I don't use the sad face expression that come with it. It just made her cuter, but I don't like the sad look due to unknown reason.

There are many different combination due to that different part that is easily seen for the head. One can choose to let Miku to have her default look but is pink in color, or have the Sakura Version and with a cherry on top.

There are many Sakura petal design on Miku with a cherry on her back, though I do want to say it more toward the butt area, just a little higher. Secondly, the (>_<) face expression is what I do like having Sakura Miku showing, which made her many times cuter than her smiling face expression.

For the stuffs that Sakura Miku can hold is one riceball or one sakura petal. There isn't much parts for the limbs, but it take a little imagine to let one decide what they can do with her. One can either follow the design done by the Good Smile Company which shown on the box, or think up some other pose for Sakura Miku.

As for me, I did the later, and one default look for her. So let take a peek at some cute pose by Sakura Miku.


There may be not much parts at first sight, but you can play with them and have many different combination of posing.


Cherry with a petal.


It her Cushions, it sure let Sakura Miku sit on comfy. You can try to let some other Nendoroid to sit on.





I just LOVE this face expression..



The default base stand is still a must to let any nendoroid to stand and walk properly.. or you could use blue tack.

But I do prefer to use the base stand, and for the petal and cushion base, it would be best if you use the base stand to support Miku, or she will be falling backward all the time. I wonder if she was very sleepy and want to take a nap. 【・ヘ・?】


Sakura Miku having her tasty bites. Made me all hungry and wanna take a bite too.





Hmm~~! (*≧ω≦)


Want to take a smell of her flower? (`・ω・´)”


She sure like a nice sweet smell of the flower.(*^▽^*)








Look like Sakura Miku need to run off to play with her other Nendoroid friends in my Hiding spot, and I do want to peek at some Light Novels, myself, so as for now, time to head off.
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