Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mada's Figurines Report 7 May 2013

You kno what the best of those powerful girl? Peeking at them in their figurines mode and they not going to harm or hurt you in anyway.

But one thing for sure, one would like them in their attacking pose which will prove how dangerous or powerful they are.

First off, the Third Level 5 Esper who can shock anyone with her electricity.

Mikoto Misaka @Amiami

And it would seem that she is going to use her Railgun Attack with just a flip of the coin.

There isn't a need to see what under her skirt, since she is wearing short all the time, which just proof how much she can move about. Also it would seem that she got her lightning to support her as she move about too.

But if you want your figurines not to move about and just sit down, there is another powerful being here.

Ririchiyo Shirakiin @Amiami

She can be a human and a yokai, but if she is in yokai mode, you better be careful since she is also very powerful.

Though it come with a nice chair, you can provide with some other place to sit down, but remember to use a blue tack to stick her firmly. Surely you do not want her to fall off when she is sitting down.

She sure look cute from how you see her, even when she is just wearing her sock. Just don't think too far for her legs if you got that fetish.

Though you want avoding Ririchiyo's blade, there is another girl with the gun instead.

Canon Daiba @Amiami

Thing is, the gun seem bigger than her and I wonder if she can just carry it around freely.

I am aware that the figurines can't support it which is why it got the support, but who care about the gun?

Canon is very cute who can shoot anyone in her path, and I not talking about the electronic brand down here.

Unless you saying there is a gun call Canon than that different. For a girl who not too bright nor too dark clothing, she sure is looking cooler than I expected.

Even her nice smiling face expression on top with her bright hair sure look better than the other. Just don't let her load her gun.

If you want a cute girl who is also very powerful though not to transform into that mode, then you can have her.

Kuroyukihime @Amiami

Being called the Dark King, one of the Level 9 in Accel World, she sure is going cuter, until I read to the point that she got a Sister, and the one who tricked Kuroyukihime to kill the then Red King, Red Rider.

But when she is not in Dark King mode, she is sure looking cuter in her normal avatar mode, which got a huge butterfly wing on her back.

But she is going to fly anywhere even when she got that huge wings on her. She just going to sit down and relax herself. Maybe you need to place watching the TV so she can watch.

And there is another powerful girl who don even need to transform, just that she need to wear her horn as a form of her position as Maou.

Demon Queen (Maou) @Amiami

It sure is no joke to have just a nice beauty who is actually in love with the Hero (Yuusa) even when she is supposed to be the Demon king. Queen in this case.

But in the end, both Yuusa and Maou sure live together happily but there is the female Knight who giving any chances.

Anyway, you can remove her horns for this nendoroid, but let her have her Dakimakura to recharge her energy.

You don't get to have any figurines that come with a little Dakimakura until now.

If you want a normal person, and a cute one on top, than let Kurisu sit in front of you so that you can peek at her.

Kurisu Makise @Amiami

I do know she is one powerful researcher / scientist, but if you one look at her, she is very cute.

But if you want a powerful one, Maou can be cute too, so powerfully cute that both of them can improve your peeking sight.

One is magically while one is scientifically, that it still up to you which one you prefer. If that isn't enough it just depend on you if you want a Nendoroid to play with, or a Petanko to sit around and about.
This week there isn't much on swimsuit girl, but there is one powerfully cute imouto to refresh your peeking eye instead.

Kobato Hasegawa @Amiami

No worry, she is going to fall off or anything, but what might fall is my jaw, due to that cuteness even when she is just a normal little girl.

It sure easy to know why Sena love her so much, but she is also in love with Kobato's elder Brother.

What amazed me is how she come with a chair, but with 2 of the legs disappear into the floor, but that doesn't matter since she is going to just pose nicely on the chair with her dolls.

I wonder if her knee will be alright.

With so many girls being powerfully cute and in strength, which one of them would be your clean hands' choices?
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