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Ok, in case you wondering sometime where do I go and peek at Figurines other than the LaTenDo which mentioned long ago, then it would Anime House.

But I seldom go there to peek unless I went with my friends, and just recently I been going there to peek and for chatting session.

The Anime House consist of 2 different shops; the Trading Cards shop and the Figurines Shop; ToyCoin. And so, let concentrate on the ToyCoin. For the trading cards shop, it got a place for players to compete with their trading cards like Cardfight Vanguard or other cards game, so if you want to play with other players, you can head down there.

For the ToyCoin, it been in Singapore for a few years, and they do have a site for pre-order. The good thing about this is that for Singaporean Otaku, it would be best to order from the local store so that they do not have to bear much from the shipping fee.

But there are some who prefer to order from Japan like Amiami Site which I tend to peek and showcase.

Other than that, I do peek at Toycoin but didn't order any until the first being the Nendoroid Series 300; Hatsune Miku 2.0.

I do grab the Sakura Miku from them which I actually failed to grab from Amiami site previously. Well, most of my figurines are grabbed locally in Singapore, which most are from Event like Anime Festival Asia.

But ToyCoins do appear in the events, just that there are too many figurines shop in the events, which I can be easily messed up by whom and where I bought my figurines from.

In anyway, Toycoin do offer the same thing as Latendo; Ordering Online or via shop.

The problem was; as PoMo Building is going under construction at some parts, I was informed that the Toycoin will offer online ordering as they will be moving off due to not able to make full use of the whole shop.

There is no physical shop at the moments, so until 19 May this Sunday, it best to faster head down to grab which figurines you want from them.

I don't think there will be any sale for the figurines, but you might find some interesting figurines which you want to grab. They do have many figurines on display. And good thing for me when I grabbed the Sakura Miku, yesterday I headed down and noticed that the remaining were all gone!!

Yes, they sold them off very quickly, which prove that there are buyers from Singapore, just that Singaporean Otaku don't show off or out very much.

Another thing is; there is only a few figurines in Singapore which only can be trusted, with Rapid Culture, Latendo and Toycoin being trustable. Some other I had heard and seen being counterfeit.

Don't be surprise, there are some shops which sell not that good stuffs.

But I can give the thumbs up and clearance that this ToyCoin can be trusted and for Singaporean who wanted to grab some figurines, you can check with this store.

Oversea customers do not need to worry, as they do allow you to order from them online, just that you will need to pay for the shipment fee.

From what I know, the staffs are friendly, so if you got anything you want to ask, you can check on their site to ask if they got anything to offer. So if you want got any figurine you want to grab, then check this site for more.
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