Friday, May 31, 2013

Walking on a Long Walking Session

Well, yesterday went from places to places, but since they are "near" to each other, I do have a very long walking session.

And the weather isn't too hot or cold for a walking session, but that do not mean I didn't sweat or felt too cold.

Well, there was some rain in some parts of Singapore, but I did not get to see it except when I was "indoor" in some places at some times.

But I do know that there was a few times when I noticed the dark cloud in the sky, and I do aware that was raining at some places.

Good thing is that I didn't get the heavy rain myself during the walking session, when I can go around and peek at some places.


The places that I tend to go peek around is tend to start at Orchard Road, since I prefer to peek at some books at Kinokuniya and some clothes at Uniqlo.

But at times when there isn't something that I want, I still peek at Kinokuniya for something interesting. But Orchard Times at times got some interesting person. And there is someone playing crystal ball which caught the attention of passerby.

Well, Orchard Road now got a lot of construction going on, so there is much at some places, but for window shopping, the places still work out fine.


One can also walk or take bus to go to Funan, where there should be Anime Week down there, but the thing was, somehow disappointing when there isn't much people down at that places.

Not sure if it was due to that people are busy on week days, but I do heard from my friends, other days also doesn't seem to have much people.

It might also due to location issue, which might have lack of people. But there still some people who came to enjoy, even for a short while.


Even, one of my peeking shop, Latendo have a booth down there, their main shop still open out nicely, and they had many interesting figurines to peek.

Sadly, one of my peeking place, Anime Shop was down for the count for now. Well, their on line sites still fine, so that ok for now.

But I really amazed at the number of figurines out there. I really do want to grab them, but well, my Black Rock Shooter Wallet will kill me. And yes, It still fine and good to use, which amazed me at how long it can hold on.


In the end I went to Vivo City to meet with my Imouto, and of course not without some detour at Liang Courts and Central. But to think that I went to so many places, my Imouto was amazed at how I can be at those places.

The answer?

I can be a teleporter some times, to appear at some places without one knowing. Well, I don't have what Iron Man had to fly around Singapore, but I might get shot down if I do have one.

Anyway, currently, I was starting up on another story plot for now, which is different from my original idea. Well, I did have the idea but didn't went and refine it much. Just that today I was thinking of idea for the story line, and characters for now.

Still hanging somewhere if you're asking me.

Anyway for now, I need to go back into thinking mode, so that I can start out with something on my own for now.
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