Saturday, June 1, 2013

Walking, Drawing and Chatting Session with Imouto and her friends

I was ask to join with my Imouto and her friends to go for some drawing, while at the same time I get to discuss some stuffs with her teacher.

Well, I did get some stuffs nicely benefits, but my drawing still not that good, just some rough sketches only.

But though the drawing session is around 2 hours, one can see a few nice drawing by my Imouto's class, and her friends sure can be nice.

My Imouto also done a few good jobs, but I wonder why she say it still not that nice. Well, maybe she chasing for even better one.

Well, though bit of strangers to each of them, but a short introduction and quick chat, I was able to speak with some of them easily.

And so, we went and have some walk before going to drink some coffee at Starbuck. Of course we had our own chatting session and there tales and story to tell.

Well, good to have some quick and simple joke and cheers each other out, and even play some quick games to relax.

We even had dinner together and enjoyed some good food, but not for the drinks. Well, next time might go to enjoy at some other places with better food.

Still, it also good to enjoy oneself and telling of tales to joke with, or to share with. And there someone to listen and cheers you on. Well, at least I know my imouto is able to have good friends, so that I don't need to worry too much. Well, I did also enjoyed chatting with my Imouto's teacher and her friends.

But of course once we part ways, my imouto and I were too tired to think, even when I reached back home,   I just want to take a quick shower and sleep, but with some quick blogging first. Not a bad day to have some fun indeed.
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