Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mada's Anime Goods Report on Anime Deck Separator

When I saw this, I just had to share this with many, due to the reason that despite being a Deck Separator, those cute little card like stuffs can be used more than a mere Deck Separator.

Just a little thinking and there you can have them, and of course I will be listing the many ways of their usefulness.

So, in order to get started, what we needed is a deck Separator. I using the one inside the Little Mirai Box which I grabbed during last year AFA.

Deck Separator @Amiami
Angel Beats!
-Rio & Erina
-Miu & Azusa

What's a Deck Separator?

It actually a simple separator card that keep in a normal deck box which hold cards. Some use it to prevent mixing of cards in the deck card box, while some use it as a marking.

But just keeping them inside the box is going to those cute little characters bored from peeking at those card, despite some of them having interesting and nice design.

First off, another simple use is using them as a bookmark. Yes! I do use the Mirai Cards and something Moekana as a bookmark when I could find one spare bookmark.

They will help to keep track of where you last read, which is a very useful tools.

And as always as I keep mentioned, they do acts as good decoration to peek at. Somemore, the materials of the deck separator are good; Plastic. Which is waterproof and good to wash if they do get dirty.

You can go ahead and paste them on wall, wardrobe, bookshelf, table, chair, PC, window or anyway you want them to be at. Just do go paste on anyone or any animals. That isn't going to be nice at all.

And while I still thinking about it, though not much would recommend, you can paste inside you car if you want to peek at those cute girls. Just made sure you concentrate on the road than them.

I do know some would throw them as if they're shuriken, but the cards is going to get damage if you really going to do that.

Though it is suppose to be place in between cards, there are some who used them as normal separator for paper or books in bookshelf. Well, I using mine as a bookmark more than that. It good to use them than placing them inside a deck box and defeat it purpose as a deck separator.

Well, with so many ways of using those deck separator, do you own one or want to grab one with your clean hands?
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