Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mada's Sunday Report 2 June 2013

Well, time sure pass by so fast, that it the middle of the year already.

And to think that there still story for me to create, for some personal reason. Well, at least I need to focus on something.

But even so, there are still manga and anime for me to continue peeking, as much as I loved to read those Light Novel when I can.

Even this week I did a lot of walking about though.

A Little Walk / Daily Updates

Figurine / Anime goods

Well, I did need to go out and take a few peeking around, at some stuffs and books, and helping my family to look for something.

But that caused me to place my anime and manga and light novel watching to last night and I tend to overslept the next day.

Well, not always since I need to force myself up, but I will be showing the tired face look more than I expecting.

But that not going to stop me from not peeking those anime and manga, though I need to stop playing some games for the time being. I still prefer to finish off those games as much as I loved too.

And I still got my own stuffs which I need to do too, but that will fine. Even if I forced in a bit of part time work I will be fine too. Just that I do wished to work in an Anime / figurines shop but I doubt there free vacant... Will have to do with some cute pet for now though.

As for now... Time to peek at more manga..
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