Thursday, June 27, 2013

Quick Walking Sessions in Orchard

Though I didn't post this last week, well, I did went out for some quick walking sessions, alone and a few days with friends.

Still, the reason why I went alone is that I tend to take my own Sweet~ time to try out some nice new clothes before considering buying them, or peeking at those books, and I do read a few at Kinokuniya before considering.

Well, this month many people just stayed at home due to the Haze, while some gotten sick. Well, the good thing is that the rain did clear a bit of the haze but there still some lingering.

But that didn't stop many people in Singapore from queuing up at McDonald for the limited Hello Kitty plushie, which many just grab a whole lot of them.

The only Hello Kitty I got so far is from Uniqlo when I bought a shirt or two with many socks. Black color if you wondering about it. But Uniqlo got a few cute Monster Hunters 4 shirt which I grab a few of the one with the cats on them.

I think it also about time I hang those up and get ready to try them on. I still got a few older one to wear though. But they still good to wear with.

As for the food, I may be seen biting on those delicious treat, the only thing that many don't get to see is that I tend to eat plain rice with some eggs or instant noodles at my hiding spot.

Well, I don't like to eat too much good food myself, or I will go broke. Well, the money I saved tend to go to Manga Light Novels Game and upgrading my computer.

There also the part where I need to save even more for some future plans. Well, a lot of them any way.

Why is why I working part time, but not everyday. I still got the blog, story to write, Anime Manga Light Novel to peek into and a few more.

But I do get sleepy at times, which I can sleep and forget about thing. But that isn't going to stop me from blogging, which is why I am considering an irregular timing to post some stuffs.

I do tend to post at Singapore noon, or latest by 10 pm. But now that I got part time, I think it might be best to still post even it the clock strike midnight.

It not like there Cinderella spells is on me, nor do I wear glass slipper. Mind you I think it like 1 years plus since I last wear slippers for walking session.

Well, there the home shoe which I wear indoor at home though. Anyway, I still got many manga to peek, and many anime to post.

I still going to post them, just that I didn't expect that I actually went and forget them. Maybe because I start to backtrack many of the stuffs and personal works that I missed previously that I would think that I tend to get tired easily and not getting the right time to managed them all.

Well, if my body and mind can just wake up at the timing that I want, I won't even think about time not enough. But anyway, I still need to force myself to sleep as early as possible when I got part time in the morning.

What to do? I do need to get the spare money. In anyway, that is for now, and my apologise if you looking forward to most of my post. I will put them up as fast as I can, but not as fast as any fast characters in Anime or Game or Manga can. Or else my body and mind will not last.
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