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Qualia the Purple

Murasakiiro no Qualia  
Qualia the Purple

Creator - Ueo Hisamitsu


Light Novels
Drawn by Tsunashima Shirou
Published by ASCII Media Works
1 Volume [Completed]

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Drawn by Tsunashima Shirou
Published in Comic Dengeki Daioh (ASCII Media Works)
2 Volumes [Ongoing]

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Well, the Light Novel did give me some headaches as I couldn't understand the head or tail from what I peeked, but the Manga pretty much give the explanation.

But if you do peeked into this, you might also not get the head or tail due to too much explanation from the main characters.

Still, at the least it not bad for a manga peeking, but the light novel is fine if you're interested to know. Still, the story and ending is not bad, but the manga just in the middle of it.

Story started with Hatou Gaku who talked about her odd friend, Marii Yukari who see normal human as Robot. And at the same times, she can't differ an actual robot and a normal human as they all seen as the same to her.

And so, she is seem as weird by many, but at the same time the mascot due to her cuteness and shortness. Also, Gaku try to understand what was causing her to see normal human as robot, which she did try to go her Yukari's house to know more about her.

Their first encounter did come in a funny way where they crashed into each other and kissed each other by accident. Girl Kiss Girl... I sense something here...

In anyway, there is one who seem to bully and tease Yukari more than normal; Tenjou Nanami who actually was Yukari very first friend.

Gaku come to know of a bit more about Yukari who able to fix anything up, including old television which deem impossible for a middle schooler.

On top of being good in plastic model building, Yukari seem to know who is best for what stuffs, when she know which person is best to ask regarding weather forecast or good in track and field.

Also, even for human in picture or photo, they all seem like robot to her. And so, it seem that Yukari is able to pinpoint who is the real culprit in their recent series killer. It amazing to know that she able to tell the culprit was someone else just from one look.

But Gaku ended up knowing the hard truth about Yukari when she got attacked by the series killer herself, and ended with her left hand cut off by the killer, who seen like a pretty girl in Gaku's opinion.

Though Yukari was able to save Gaku and "reprogram" the killer after dissemble her. Go peek at the manga and you will be shocked to know that Yukari can take a normal human apart without killing them, and then assemble them back up.

Truth be told, Nanami once got into an accident in the old jungle gym, and in order to save her, Yukari use the broken jungle gym part to fix Nanami back up. Unlike how she fix Gaku's hand back with her old cellphone, Gaku was unconscious when she was fixed up while Nanami was awake and witness the whole fixing progress.

Which is why she bully Yukari when Nanami herself want to be friend like old times.

Things change when Alice who is another genius like Yukari appear and want her to go to Jaunt, a place where they are protected and able to show case their talents.

Though Gaku finally give in to Alice's words and push Yukari to go, her death come as a shock which caused Gaku to try and hunt Alice down to know what really happened.

During the cause of trying to go to Jaunt, she get to learn of her own ability thank to Yukari fixing her hand with the cellphone. It seem that Gaku can call her own self but they are of parallel world and different version of her.

Also, she able to share memories which each other in parallel world. If you know of the Misaki network in Toaru Majutsu no Index, then you will know how it seem to Gaku. But the sharing of memories can caused her brain more problem and causing it to "overload".

Also, if in one world she die due to the choices she made, she will appear back in her room, right before the accidents or her death, and then go and change it accordingly. Making use of this ability, she was able to avoid the unnecessary thing to happen and do the thing that she deem right. But the more she saw and go though, the more she changed, and ended going down the wrong path herself.

Well, in the end she was able to speak to Yukari (I know she die, but you know, Gaku's hand cellphone can call parallel world, right?) and go back to the time before she push Yukari to go to Jaunt. And from there she made her amendment which start all this happened where Yukari die in Jaunt and how Gaku going down the wrong path.

I really went and cut short of the story, because it was what I was able to picture out. The story did go one big circle before going back to the start. What happened to the other parallel world and different version of Gaku?

They just gone. Still, the current world is what Gaku truly wished for, though she need to go one big circle. Kind of remind me of the "The girl who leap though time" anime film. Reason for that? Gaku abuse the use of her ability and under the final moment did she go back to where and when she started and finally do the right thing that cause many thing to happen.

Well, I still had to give the creator a praise for a story that messed up my head, but I still able to give a simple picture of what happened. The light novel maybe just a little mess up than I thought at first when I peek at the Manga.

Still, if you're interested, you can go and peek since it not bad for a short manga peeking. Well, just that I don't wanna have Yukari fixing me with some "spare part".

So, do you want to get fixed by Yukari who see all human as robot instead in Qualia the Purple?
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