Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mada's Sunday Report 16 June 2013

Well, This week sure past by a bit too fast, which I think maybe tomorrow I will need to post on some Manga series.

I not joking, just that I didn't expect that I tend to do thing until I fell asleep or lost track of time.

But let take a peek at what I done, so little, for this week.

Well, I was doing some other of my stuffs, which I didn't went and track every time. So by the time I notice, it actually very late. Let just said I was also peeking at Anime too. And I was watching those with whole episodes in one shot.

I still going to post some of them, even if they are past season. Well, I might still post a few newer if I find them interesting too.

Good thing is that despite having lost track of time, and sleeping unexpectedly, I still able to keep most of my stuffs under schedules.

Just that I would had to give up on either gaming or blogging on that today.

Yesterday I was peeking into Anime with my imouto, which I ended up forgot about blogging.

Like I said, I will try to spam a bit more of them when I can, and if I can wake up as I wished too. But I can cut too much of my sleeping time, as it would be bad for my body too. Just that I need to cut a bit short on some stuffs.

Well, with that being said time to head back into some Anime peeking... well, I still got my stuffs to do too though...
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