Friday, June 14, 2013

Still doing my own story

One thing to say in advance, just in case who peek into my blog isn't aware, I was busy between, part time work, peeking into Anime / Manga / Light Novels and writing my own story.

And due to that, I got lesser time to concentrating on blog, which I didn't update most of the minor part in the tabs.

Still, I want to update and share many posts, and to tell on what I peek, even if the anime is past season, or the current one, or even best, upcoming or green-lit for anime.

Unless is I really sure about it, otherwise I will just set it as normal series for the Manga and Light Novel.

And I been taking down quick points and note on what I want to blog about, but the lack of pictures, and more information might be what stopping me from going far. Well, I still going to post them when I going to do it.

Time might be short and pass by fast, but I not going to stop what I doing, though I need when to step on the Brake and stop myself to rest, nap, eat, drink and even going to the washroom.

In so, there are some days, where I will try to post a few posts to cover up, and some when I just do a quick post to give a head up.

I'll try not to break my daily post count myself.

Just that, unless I had to be out for the whole day and not able to do an early post as a standby.

I do like to post on Anime, Games, Manga and / or Light Novel, but the timing taken is also long due to the info needed, and peeking into the series to confirm the story line and information. Though I will post links for the Manga for your to peek into, but for Anime and Light Novels, unless there is some site that give a sample, or even stream, if not I will just give a quick summaries myself.

Well, for most past season anime, I would still going to post them anyway, as due to either I peek just recently, or that I just remember to post it. Or when I got some spare time to do a quick one for it. No worry, I still peeking into them, and will try to post on them myself.

A lot of season series is going to reach it ending, so I do need to buck up and post a few of them, maybe after peeking at their last episodes. So for now, as I just back from my part time work, give me an early nap so that I can do my stuff tomorrow.
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